Snag an Educational Backpack

Take advantage of educational backpacks from your library curated by our librarians. Each are developed to enhance and accelerate a child's acquisition and mastery of reasoning, reading, and tactile skills. This collection is designed for ages 3-8 and each contains books, a resource binder, and supplemental materials to help expand a child's knowledge about the topic selected.

Polar Bears Book CoverBEAR BACKPACK
Contains: 5 Books, Three Bears Glove Puppet Set, Puzzle, Resource Binder
Clifford the Big Red Dog Book CoverDOGS BACKPACK
Contains: 2 Books, Pop & Add Dog Game, Dog Bingo Game, Resource Binder
Usborne Encyclopedia of Planet Earth Book CoverEARTH SCIENCES BACKPACK
Contains: 4 Books, Earth Sciences Folder Games, Resource Binder
Papa Please Get the Moon for Me Book CoverERIC CARLE BACKPACK
Contains: 3 Books, 2 Audiobooks, My First Puzzle Pairs Set, Caterpillar Bingo Game
Old Macdonald Had a Farm Book CoverFARM ANIMALS BACKPACK
Contains: 5 Books, Farm Animals Match Cards, Farm Theme Puzzle Set
Eating the Alphabet Book CoverFOOD & NUTRITION BACKPACK
Contains: 3 Books, Early Learning Games, Bingo Game, Cloth Play Set
Bugliest Bug Book CoverINSECTS BACKPACK
Contains: 3 Books, Insects & Spiders Magnetic Science Tin, Stencils
Contains: 4 Books, Puzzle, Teddy Bear Sorting, Numbers & Counting Flash Cards
Ocean Creatures Book CoverOCEAN BACKPACK
Contains: 4 Books, Matching Puzzle, Wooden Puzzle, Set of Sea Life
Contains: 4 Books, Set of Fish Stencils, Sea Life Folder Games, Resource Binder
Shapes in the Neighborhood Book CoverSHAPES BACKPACK
Contains: 4 Books, 2 Sets of Cards, Wooden Puzzle, Resource Binder
Papa Please Get the Moon for Me Book CoverSPACE BACKPACK
Contains: 4 Books, Space Figures, Space Cards and a Puzzle
123 Texas Book CoverTEXAS BACKPACK
Contains: 7 Books, 12 Western Stencils, Floor Puzzle, Resource Binder
Whose Tools Book CoverTOOLS BACKPACK
Contains: 4 Books, Tool Box & Tools, Tool Vocabulary Cards, Tool Puzzle
What to Do if an Elephant Stands on Your Foot Book CoverWILD ANIMALS BACKPACK
Contains: 3 Books, Puzzle, Memory Gacme, Animal Bingo Game
Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear Book CoverZOO BACKPACK
Contains: 4 Books, Zoo Animal Puzzle, Zoo Toys, Animal Matching Cards