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List of culinary herbs and spices


This video provides an engaging video on the short history of spices.   

It's Okay To Be Smart  PBS

People who live near the equator use more spices per recipe than people who live far from the equator. But that isn't for the reason you think. Spices and other plant ingredients have special powers that make them a truly magical superfood!

This is an interesting video regarding the most expensive spice, saffron.  Imagine using flower stamen as a currency!

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Pallotta, J., & Evans, L. (1994). The spice alphabet book: Herbs, spices, and other natural flavors. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge Pub.

Welcome to a delectable alphabet adventure. While on your way to "Z is for Zatar," relish the savory Mustard, the aromatic Spearmint, and the spicy Wasabi. You'll also want to try the Kola, the Vanilla, and especially the Xocoatl!

Mouth-watering illustrations and informative, child-appealing text makes this a delicious treat for hungry readers.

spice alphabet
spice blends

Green, A. (2016). The magic of spice blends: A guide to the art, science, and lore of combining flavors.

A pinch of this and a dash of that, and you'll be creating distinctive and delectable flavors in every dish Today, more than ever, we have access to almost every spice and herb imaginable. But it's the careful blending of herbs and spices that is the true art of the spice handler. The Magic of Spice Blends reveals the secrets of creating and cooking with the world's classic spice blends from seven regions: Africa, the Far East, Europe, India, the Middle East, North America and the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. Chef Aliza Green guides you through the principles of choosing, working with, and blending spices. Join the fun of creating personalized spice and herb blends and knowing just what goes into them--no ancient, bitter, musty dust here Find resources on where to purchase great quality herds and spices, even organic, non-irradiated. You can even grow your own and use them to make those wonderful spice blends. Along with background information on the history, culture, and culinary uses of each blend. 

Bevill, A., & Hearne, J. K. (2014). World spice at home: New flavors for 75 favorite dishes.

World Spice at Home brings the world's exotic spices to your home kitchen to breathe new life into favorite, familiar, and traditional dishes with wonderful new flavors. Transform a grilled ribeye steak using an Arabic baharat spice blend; add drama to your carrot cake using Kashmiri garam masala. Spices add gratifying dimension to foods, and while the spice blends come from around the world, these recipes are friendly and familiar.

world spice)
encyclopediaof spice

Ortiz, E. L. (1992). The encyclopedia of herbs, spices & flavorings. New York: Dorling Kindersley.

An illustrated sourcebook to these all-important cooking ingredients includes information on more than two hundred herbs, spices, essences, edible flowers and leaves, aromatics, vinegars, oils, teas, and coffees.


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