STEAM Kits for Youth

Abilene Public Library has provided access to a collection of STEAM Kits designed to make learning a fun experience for youth in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. This collection is available at the South Branch Library. Feel free to browse through our available kits below to see the variety we have to offer.

Mystery of the Dragon EggsCastles and Dragons STEM Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book: Mystery of the Dragon Eggs by Maggie Testa; Coding Critters MagiCoders Blazer the Dragon; Engineering & Design Castle Building Set
  • Summary: Coding with a dragon and castle engineering bring together imaginative play and early STEM learning. Multiple challenges and fantasy fun with parental help or alone.

Ninja on the JobConstruction and Building Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 100 wood blocks Melissa and Doug classic toy, construction set in a box Melissa and Doug Classic toy: color, wood; in zip top tote bag 33' x 46" + Ninja on the Job book by Luke Flowers
  • Summary: This engineering focused STEAM kit encourages young readers to become interested in construction and engineering while they are still learning basic life skills. This simple title with real photographs, paired with construction blocks can keep little ones happy and bus while channeling their inner engineers.

Friends Make Me Feel RazzmatazEmotions and Empathy Kit (Reading Level: 4+)

  • Contents: 1 book: Friends Make Me Feel Razzmatazz by Tina Gallo, Friends and neighbors game, Let's talk cubes, Big feelings pineapple
  • Summary: The Emotions & Empathy Kit helps kids learn about their feelings and recognize them in others. The interactive games help build empathy and requires teamwork to win while helping kids develop memory, cooperation and shared decision-making skills. The storybook helps kids imagine how dreary their world would be with out friends using Crayola colors to express how their friends make them feel.

Smithsonian 10-minute Science ExperimentsExamine Science and Nature Kit (Ages 6+)

  • Contents: 1 book: Smithsonian 10-minute Science Experiments by Steve Spangler, 1 Brainbox Science and Nature game, 1 handheld microscope, 12 specimen slides with 36 assorted specimens
  • Summary: This Science focused STEAM kit is packed full of amazing science facts and experiments that kids will love to discover and share. Then play the fun and memory-boosting game featuring essential science and nature topics or examine specimens and prepared slides under the microscope.

Watching Animals in NatureExplore the Outdoors Kit (Grades 4+)

  • Contents: 1 book: Watching Animals in Nature by Abby Colich, Geosafari Seascope telescope, GeoSafari Jr. Explorer scope binoculars, one laminated contents sheet
  • Summary: The Explore the Outdoor kit encourages kids to explore the great outdoors. Perfect for nature walks and backyard exploration with the Seascope and 2-1 Explorer Scope for up-close examination of everything from rocks to bugs. Perfect for STEM learning and exploration on the go.

Disney VillainousFamily Game Night Kit (Reading Level: 4+)

  • Contents: 3 games; Disney Villainous board game (6 boards, 6 villain movers, 180 villain cards, 90 fate cards, 84 tokens, 6 reference cards, 6 villain guides, instructions), Horrified: Universal Studios Monsters (1 game board, 7 sculpted miniatures, 75 cards, 3 dice, 7 paper movers & bases, 6 placards, fabric storage bag & instructions), The How I Survived Game (55 double-sided object chips, 80 survival scenario cards, 75 scoring rations)
  • Summary:  Break away from screens and engage with this collection of games for kids 10 and up. Disney villains, monsters, and a humorous perspective at a survival game are sure to engage kids. Small group play at the library or fun at home. Kits are sold in their entirety, components are not available for individual sale.

Uni Brings SpringFlowers and Unicorns STEM Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book: Uni Brings Spring by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Coding Critters MagiCoders: Skye the Unicorn, Build and Bloom building Set
  • Summary: Coding with a dragon and castle engineering bring together imaginative play and early STEM learning. Multiple challenges and fantasy fun with parental help or alone.

Our FoodFood and Nutrition Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book: Our Food: A Healthy Serving of Science and Poems by Grace Lin, Healthy helpings myplate game (contains 50 food cards, 4 placemats, 1 spinner, activity guide), New sprouts grow it! (contains 2 flowers, 2 veggies [carrot and radish], 3 pots, 1 shovel, 1 watering can), Farmer's market color sorting set (contains 25 foods, 5 baskets, 5 stickers for labeling, activity guide.
  • Summary: This kit is designed to teach kids about the science of food, the five food groups, and the composition of a healthy meal.

The Future of EnergyGreen Energy Kit (Grades 4+)

  • Contents: 1 book: The Future of Energy by M.M. Eboch, 1 solar robot, snap circuits, manual, additional educational manual, mini car, hand crank, solar cell, rechargeable battery with USB adapter, windmill, liquid energy compartment, clock, analog meter, melody module, colorful lights, vinyl bag
  • Summary: Our world runs on energy and the Green energy kit teaches kids about alternative energy sources that are clean and renewable. The kit introduces young engineers about energy and promotes hands-on exploration of energy concepts. Kids will be introduced to solar, wind, and geothermal power and encouraged to build over 125 different projects using alternative energy sources.

Lace, Stack, and Sort Kit (Reading Level: Pre-K)

  • Contents: 1 book: Baby Einstein; primary lacing beads; geometric stacker; shape sorting cube
  • Summary: Help preschoolers explore colors, shapes, organization, fine motor skills and more with this kit.

Measuring at HomeLearn to Measure Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book: Measuring at Home by Christianne Jones; Let's learn to measure activity set ; Hexagram metric weight set; Simple tape measure
  • Summary: Science, technology, engineering, and math all require precision, this kit kickstarts learning about the basics of measuring. Mass, length, volume, and fractional relationships are all introduced in this early introduction to measuring.

JumpLearn to Move and Play Kit (Ages 2+)

  • Contents: 1 book: Jump by David McPhail, 1 get up for pup game, 1 duck duck dance game, 1 instructions sheet 
  • Summary: This kit is focused towards preschool age kids with two fun games to help them get up and move. These games help develop gross motor skills in a fun manner. Children will learn how to listen and follow directions, take turns, and imitation. Kids will enjoy reading this simple book with their parents as they learn what animals can jump along with them.

Letters and Numbers Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book, 1 design & drill, 1 self correcting 1-20 number puzzles, 1 alphabet bingo
  • Summary: Help your kid establish a strong base for all future learning with this kit focused on learning the alphabet and numbers. Kids will love Dr. Seuss's ABC along with Alphabet Bingo and self correcting number puzzles. Keep kids actively engaged in learning with building letters and numbers with a kid safe drill toy to tie it all together. Kits are sold in their entirety, components are not available for individual sale. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.

Lets EstimateMath Games Kit (Reading Level: 4+)

  • Contents: 1 book: Let's Estimate by David A. Adler, Snap it up! Addition & Subtraction game [90 cards], Head Full of Numbers Math Game [6 dice, 1 shaker, 1 sand timer, 1 score pad, 1 dice tray]
  • Summary: With this kit, kids can work on observation and memory skills, learn animal facts, and practice logic and deductive reasoning.

Which One Doesnt BelongMath Patterns and Tactile Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book: Which One Doesn't Belong? by Christopher Danielson; imagination patterns set in a box [43 wooden magnetic blocks, 50 full-color design cards to replicate, 1 wood carrying case with magnetic white board inside], teaching tac-tiles set [20 pieces in 5 shapes and 4 textures measuring 2 in., 10 activity cards, 1 activity guide, 1 red drawstring bag for holding the pieces together]
  • Summary: Kit is designed to encourage critical thinking and sparks memorable mathematical conversations. Colorful, engaging pieces with rich textures provide a great way to encourage a child's sense and strengthens fine motor skills.

10-Minute Engineering ProjectsMechanical Advantage Kit (Reading Level: 4+)

  • Contents: 1 book: 10-Minute Engineering Projects by Christy Peterson; STEM Mechanics Wheels, Axles, & Inclined Planes; STEM Mechanics Levers & Linkage; STEM Mechanics Pulley Drives
  • Summary: Explore the basics of mechanical advantage with the STEM focused kit exploring wheels, axles, pulleys, levers, and more. Introduce kids and keep them engaged in physics and engineering with this great kit.

I Am BraveOutdoor Adventures Pretend Play Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: I Am Brave! by Kelly Greenawalt; New Sprouts Camp Out (Includes: 2 logs with flame, 1 lantern, 1 fork, 1 hot dog, 1 marshmallow, 1 chocolate bar, 2 graham crackers, 1 duffle bag); Pretend & play fishing set (includes: Tackle box, vest, fishing pole, 3 fish, 3 worms, net, guide); Pretend & play camp set (includes: Lantern, stove, compass watch, shovel, pan, first aid kit, canteen, cooking tools)
  • Summary:  It's time to head outside with this imaginative play kit, focused on camping and fishing. Read a great story about camping in the Acorn Reader "I am Brave" and build your own scene as well.

You Can Do ItPaw Patrol Play Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book: You Can Do It!; Paw Patrol Activity Bag (includes rug, 21 figures); Paw Patrol hand puppets (includes 4 puppets, 4 mission cards); Paw Patrol magnetic pretend play (includes 4 figures, 8 cards, 48 accessories, storage tray)
  • Summary: It's all Paw Patrol in this kit. Join Chase, Marshall, Skye and other characters exploring Adventure Bay with multiple imaginative and pretend play options sure to entice any fan and create some new ones.

Pete the Cat Loves Preschool Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 2 books, 1 Hot Dots Jr. Pete the Cat I Love Preschool Set, 1 Hot Dots Jr. Pete the Cat Preschool Rocks Set
  • Summary: Settle in with your preschooler and Pete the Cat. Enjoy two great books and a variety of lessons with Pete the Cat. This kit featuring two interactive preschool sets promotes groovy, independent, interactive learning. Press the Pete the Cat pen on the answer for an immediate audio and visual feedback on lessons in reading, math, science, social studies, and more.

A Trip to the Fire Station with Sesame StreetPolice and Firefighter Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book: A Trip to the Fire Station with Sesame Street by Christy Peterson; Bolt Buddies police motorcycle; Bolt Buddies fire truck; Keys and cars rescue garage
  • Summary: Head to the fire station with Elmo and then play with these buildable police motorcycle, firetruck, and interactive keys & cars garage. Imaginative play meets early building, construction and fine motor play sure to delight any kid.

Everything Rocks and MineralsThe Rocks and Fossils Kit (Reading Level: 4+)

  • Contents: 1 book: Everything Rocks and Minerals by Steve Tomeck, 1 GeoSafari stereoscope [Fully functional microscope, 12 included rock samples, 10X and 20X eyepieces], 1 fossil collection and 1 mineral collection [The fossils collection contains: 9 fossils, identification chart, storage tray and 9 labels
  • Summary: This technology focused STEAM kit explores the most amazing and awe-inspiring facts about rocks and fossils. Then get active with two different games; one involving geology with this stereoscope and a table top mounted LED light for great views of the collection of 12 rock samples, 9 fossils, and 12 minerals included with the kit.

Flash FactsSTEM in Motion Kit (Reading Level: 1+)

  • Contents: 1 book: Flash Facts by Sholly Fisch; STEM Explorers Motioneering; STEM Explorers Marble Runners; Roller Coaster Challenge
  • Summary: Have loads of fun with this kit focused on making exploring STEM fun. Whether you're looking to play with gravity with the marble run, examine engineering movement and force, or explore physics application with the roller coaster challenge this kit has you covered. Grab some science facts from the Flash as a balance and keep learning fun and engaging.

Family Game NightTot Time Game Night Kit (Reading Level: Pre-K)

  • Contents: 1 book: Family Game Night by Suzanne Francis; Snails Pace Game; Heads Talk Tails Walk Game; The World of Eric Carle Matching Game
  • Summary: It's game night for your youngest patrons with this set of games for ages 3 and up. Early cooperation and game play are sure to be a hit for parents looking to engage theirs kids at home or for kids to play together at the library.

TrucksTrucks and Tools Kit (Reading Level: 4+)

  • Contents: 1 book: Trucks! by Korynn Freels, 1 Design and Drill bolt buddies pick-it-up truck, 1 Big Rig building set
  • Summary: The Trucks and Tools kit is designed for the young gearhead. The two-piece tractor trailer and the Design & Drill Bolt Buddies are interactive hands-on manipulatives for building fine motor skills. Kid friendly tools are designed for tiny hands and encourages creativity and problem- solving skills. Kids will be enchanted with the adventures of Dump Truck Daisy and her night construction mission too.

The Big BeyondUnderstanding Our Universe Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book: The Big Beyond by James Carter, shining stars projector, 8-piece giant inflatable solar system, foot pump, and activity guide             
  • Summary: Learn about the position, order, size, and shape of the planets using inflatable models.

Zigzag ZoobornsWorld of Colors Kit (Reading Level: PK-3)

  • Contents: 1 book: ZigZag ZooBorns! by Andrew Bleiman), 1 splash of color magnetic sorting kit, 1 avalanche fruit stand a coloring matching fine motor skills game, 1 chugga choo the colorful puzzle game
  • Summary: This kit is a comprehensive collection of activities and hands-on tools designed to spark curiosity while learning age appropriate subjects. Each component will help develop problem solving and fine motor skills disguised as fun.

Yoga for KidsYoga for Mindfulness Kit (Reading Level: 4+)

  • Contents: 1 book: Yoga for Kids by Susannah Hoffman, Yoga spinner game, Yoga dice game
  • Summary: Namaste should be in every child's vocabulary. This kit is a delightful introduction that encourages teamwork and healthy physical activity. Designed to encourage children to experiment with basic yoga poses and build confidence using two engaging games for multiple players.