2022 Abilene Bond Program

The 2022 Bond Program proposes the building of a 9th fire station for the Abilene Fire Department for a total cost of $8 million dollars.

Fire Station 9

  • The station would be located on 3 acres of City owned property on FM707, at the Beltway South and East 707 Spur, providing direct access to highway 83/84 and a station 9 service area of Far South Abilene.
  • Fire Station 9 would respond to calls received from the interchange of Loop 322 and Winters freeway, down to Saddle Lakes Drive, and extending from the east side of Mesquite Forest neighborhood to FM 1750.
  • Fire Station 9 would be an estimated 14,000 square feet in size, and home to a total of 12 new firefighters who would comprise one full firefighting crew. The station would include 4 double-sized apparatus bays, offices, and 6 to 8 bedrooms.
  • The addition of a Fire Station 9 would reduce the coverage area of AFD’s Fire Station 8, enabling crews to improve response times from an average of seven minutes to five minutes or less, and best serve the projected future population of the fast-growing South Abilene.


The $8 million dollar cost would includes:

  • Station design & construction
  • Furniture, fixture, & equipment costs

Personnel salaries and the purchase of two new apparatus would be covered by existing funds and budgeting by the City.

If passed, this 8 million dollar investment would increase the annual tax bill of a 100-thousand dollar property by approximately eight dollars sixty cents ($8.60).

ISO Rating

Fire departments across the country are awarded what’s known as an ISO rating. That rating is determined by a community’s emergency communications, fire department, and water supply. ISO ratings are used by insurance companies to help determine and lower homeowner insurance rates across the City of Abilene.

The Abilene Fire Department’s response to emergencies affects its ISO 1 rating. The Abilene Fire Department is proposing the building of Fire Station 9 on the city’s south side to shorten response times, improve service across Abilene, and help maintain its ISO 1 top rating.

2022 City of Abilene Bond Program