About Us

Command Chart

Abilene Police Department

P.O. Box 174

4565 South First Street

Abilene, Texas 79604-0174

Emergency: 911

Phone: (325) 673-8331

Fax: (325) 676-6606

Email: apd@abilenetx.gov

Police Administration

Chief of Police

Marcus Dudley, email: marcus.dudley@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6600

Assistant Chief of Investigative & Support Services

Mike Perry, email: mike.perry@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6600

Assistant Chief of Uniform Services

Doug Wrenn, email: doug.wrenn@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6600

Internal Affairs Commander

Lt. Craig Jordan, email: craig.jordan@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-4550

Administrative Lieutenant

Lt. Scott Hill, email: scott.hill@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 437-4549

Public Information Office

email: apdpio@abilenetx.gov

Public Information Coordinator

Rick Tomlin, email: rick.tomlin@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 437-4529

Management Assistant

Ms. Chris Hobbs, email: chris.hobbs@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6600

Payroll Specialist

Ms. Liz Robledo, email: liz.robledo@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6600


Bob Pipes, email: bob.pipes@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6600

Uniform Services - Under Assistant Chief Doug Wrenn

Traffic Division

Sgt. Richy Waggoner, email: richard.waggoner@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6530

K-9 Unit

Sgt. Ismael Jaimes, email: ismael.jaimes@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 673-8331


Sgt. Richy Waggoner, email: richard.waggoner@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6530

Bomb Squad

Lt. Mark Watson, email: mark.watson@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6610

Bicycle Unit

Lt. Joe Tauer, email: joe.tauer@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 673-8331

Street Crimes Unit

Sgt. Mike Baird, email: mike.baird@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6588

Investigative & Support Services - Under Assistant Chief Mike Perry

Criminal Investigation Division (325) 676-6610

Lt. Mark Watson, email: mark.watson@abilenetx.gov

Crimes Against Persons

Sgt. Will Ford, email: will.ford@abilenetx.gov

Crimes Against Property

Sgt. Clay Grothe, email: clay.grothe@abilenetx.gov

Fraud Division

Sgt. Josh Davis, email: joshua.davis@abilenetx.gov 

Cyber Crimes 

Sgt. Josh Davis. email: joshua.davis@abilenetx.gov 

Identification Division

Officer Wallace McDaniel, email: wallace.mcdaniel@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6596

Dianna Arndt, email: dianna.arndt@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6516

Shelley Scott, email: shelley.scott@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6515

Youth Division - (325) 676-6640

Lt. Tony Lassetter, email: tony.lassetter@abilenetx.gov  

Sgt. Ismael Jaimes, email: ismael.jaimes@abilenetx.gov

Sgt. Brian Cokonaugher, email: brian.cokonaugher@abilenetx.gov

Special Operations Division - (325) 676-6650

Lt. Craig Jordan, email: craig.jordan@abilenetx.gov

Child Advocacy Center - (325) 738-8060

Melinda Beard, email: melinda.beard@abilenetx.gov

Training Division (325) 676-6537

Sgt. Nikki Hill, email: nicole.hill@abilenetx.gov 

Communications Division (325) 673-8331

Becky Mackiewicz Division Manager, email: becky.mackiewicz@abilenetx.gov

Records Division (325) 676-676-6500

Aymee Henning Division Manager, email: aymee.henning@abilenetx.gov

Burglar Alarms

Liz Robledo, email: liz.robledo@abilenetx.gov  ph: (325) 676-6600

Property & Evidence (325) 676-6580