Fire Marshal's Office

One of the primary duties of this division is administering and enforcing the Abilene Fire Code within the city. Inspectors work closely with Abilene Building Inspectors to ensure consistent and accurate administration of the Fire Code in conjunction with the Building Code.

Special Inspections

Special inspections are conducted at functions such as concerts, rodeos, circuses, etc, and spot inspections are conducted regularly at Abilene nightclubs to prevent overcrowding. Inspections are also done prior to the issuance of a required permit. Permits are required for activities such as the installation or repair of fire sprinkler systems or fire alarm systems, the installation or removal of fuel storage tanks, bonfires, controlled burns, etc.


The Fire Marshal is responsible for ensuring that all new building construction complies with the Abilene Fire Code and all State and Federal rules and regulations. Blueprints are initially reviewed by City Building Inspectors then routed to the Fire Marshal for his comments. Noted requirements are reviewed on-site as the building is being constructed. No building is permitted to be inhabited until a Certificate of Occupancy (PDF) is issued by the Fire Marshal or his authorized representative.


Fire Marshal City of Abilene Badge