Dangerous Dogs

Defining Dangerous Dogs

The term "dangerous dog" is one that has been assigned to an animal that has been deemed dangerous under local and State codes. View the Dangerous Dog Ordinance.

Health and Safety Code Chapter 822 deals with dogs that attack persons or are a danger to a person. Chapter 6 Animal and Fowl Ordinance for the City of Abilene has adopted Chapter 822 in its entirety and added serious bodily injury to a domestic animal to the Dangerous Dog qualifications. Qualifications includes:

  1. The dog must be outside of its enclosure and stray
  2. Commits unprovoked acts that cause bodily injury to a person or serious bodily injury to a domestic animal
  3. Commits acts that make a person reasonably believe the dog could attack and cause bodily injury

If You See a Dangerous Dog

Any person can write a statement for Animal Services to initiate an investigation. The suspect animal or animals may be impounded at the shelter during this time. The statement must contain the following:

  1. Where the dog lives
  2. When the dog did the acts
  3. Who the victims were
  4. How the incident took place
  5. Any other circumstances that would assist the investigation

If the dog is impounded, Animal Services will meet by committee to discuss the investigation case 10 business days after the initial report. A decision will be made and the owner of the suspect dog will be notified. Any decision is appealable to the City of Abilene Municipal Court within 15 days of Animal Services decision.

If Your Dog Is Deemed Dangerous

If your dog is deemed dangerous, you will have to do the following to reclaim your animal and for the remainder of the life of the animal:

  1. Build a secure enclosure
  2. Secure Liability Insurance for damages by the dog of $100,000
  3. Register the dog annually with Animal Services
  4. Muzzle the animal and under control of a person over 18 years old when out of enclosure
  5. Other regulations as seen fit by Animal Services and the City of Abilene