Animal Services is primarily concerned with High Risk Rabies carriers inside the City Limits of Abilene; we provide a trapping program for those animals. Abilene is home to several other wildlife animals such and snakes, birds, and furbearing mammals. Our goal is to live side by side with these wildlife animals in our community.

Animal Control will make every attempt to control the wildlife population within the city limits, using methods available to us such as live traps. Sick and/or injured animals are a high priority and will be handled as quickly as possible. Livestock is permitted in various areas of the city keeping in accordance with zoning ordinances.

Tips for Avoiding Wildlife Problems

  • Add lighting to your backyard. Wild animals tend to avoid well-lit areas at night.
  • Avoid feeding wild animals, including birds. Birdseed attracts rats and other rodents, a known food source for predators like coyotes.
  • Avoid using mothballs and ammonia as a deterrent. In many cases, the scents are so close to animal urine that they attract animals. Also avoid using coyote urine to deter other animals.
  • Clean your property to remove overgrowth and underbrush. This helps eliminate nesting or denning sites for wildlife.
  • Feed your pet indoors at all times. Dog and cat food left outdoors attracts a variety of wild animals, from skunks to coyotes. Feeding your pet outdoors may also make them vulnerable to wildlife attacks.
  • Keep your pets inside and under your control at all times. An animal allowed to roam off-leash, even in your front yard, presents an easy meal for a predator.
  • Pick up any fruits or vegetables at ground level; various wild animals enjoy these types of food.
  • Secure your trash and trash cans. Don’t place trash outside overnight or the day before pickup. Keep your garbage in your garage or in a secure trash can until the morning of pickup.
  • Spay or neuter your pet. Coyotes are attracted by the scent of female dogs in heat, just as unsterilized male dogs may be lured by female coyote scents.