ZipZone, the public ridesharing service from CityLink offers convenient curb to curb service

Ride the ZipZone!

ZipZone is an on-demand public ridesharing service where riders may request a trip within the zone.

Once your ride is booked, a ZipZone bus will pick you up at your requested location and take you as directly as possible, without transfer, to your destination. This new service is still a ‘pooled’ or ‘shared public transit service’ which means the bus will also be picking up and dropping off other riders along the way.

Did you know you can transfer to the ZipZone from the fixed route system?

  • Route 9 at Wash This Way (North 10th & Willis)
  • Route 12 at the Mockingbird Branch Library

Informational Material

How to Request a Ride

Get Started Guide

Have you downloaded the ZipZone app? Let us walk you through it with the rider app walkthrough guide (PDF)

Service Hours

Weekdays from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm


$3.00 day pass & children under 5 ride for free


Credit & debit cards are accepted through the ZipZone app. CityLink $3 day pass is also accepted.

App Download

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ZipZone Service Map serves northwest Abilene

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZipZone on-demand service? 
ZipZone is a demand-responsive, or “on-demand” public transit service where riders must request a trip by mobile app or by calling our customer service center at (325) 676-6287, Option 2.

Once your ride is booked, a ZipZone van will pick you up at your closest bus stop and take you as directly as possible, without transfer, to the stop closest to your destination. ZipZone is still a shared public transit service which means the van will also be picking up and dropping off other riders along the way.

Why is this service only available in northwest Abilene?
CityLink is launching ZipZone in northwest Abilene where existing service levels are low. ZipZone provides a more attractive, sustainable, efficient and faster service with less wait times for customers.

How long can I expect my trip to take?
ZipZone is a ‘shared’ or ‘pooled public transit service’, so you may be sharing a vehicle with others. Rides may not be direct because the operator may pick up or drop off other customers along the way. When selecting your trip, the ZipZone App will provide an arrival time. Based on other bookings, the arrival times may vary slightly.   

When will the van arrive?
You can request your trip either with a Leave At time or Arrive By time. Once your trip booking is confirmed you will be given a range of either 15 minutes after your requested ‘Leave At’ time or you may be picked up as much as 40 minutes prior to your requested ‘Arrive By’ time in order to ensure arrival before your requested time, subject to normal traffic and weather conditions. Use the app for the most up to date trip information.

Does this service cost more and how does payment work?
No. Regular fare rates will apply. When users sign up to use the ZipZone App they can link their debit or credit card to the app for a seamless payment experience. Rides will then be charged to their bank accounts upon completion of their ride. Riders may also use any CityLink ride pass to ride.

Do I need a smartphone in order to use ZipZone service?
Customers can book their trip through the ZipZone App (available for download from both the Apple App store or Google Play store) or via phone by contacting our customer services at (325) 676-6287, Option 2

When are ZipZone’s service hours?
ZipZone service is available Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.    

Is this service accessible?  
Yes. The ZipZone van can accommodate up to two mobility devices, such as a wheelchair or scooter.

Will others be on the van with me?
Yes. This is a shared public transit service. You may not go directly to your destination upon boarding as the bus will be picking up and dropping off other riders.

How far in advance can I request a trip?
Riders may request a trip in “real time” or up to 7 days in advance.

Can I request a trip for myself and others who are with me?
Yes. When requesting a ride, you can book for up to 6 riders in total.

Can I board the van without requesting a trip?
No. The bus will only visit a stop where and when a trip has been requested. Riders should request their trip through the app or by calling CityLink at (325) 676-6287, Option 2.

Can I cancel my trip?
Yes. Trips can be canceled through the ZipZone App or by calling (325) 676-6287, Option 2. Please cancel with as much advance notice as possible. If you need to edit your requested trip you must first cancel your trip and request another trip. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service and they will edit the trip for you.