Water Capital Improvement Projects

The following is a list of planned Capital Improvement Projects for Abilene Water Utilities, beginning with Fiscal Year 2021 and ending with Fiscal Year 2027.

You can view the city's CIP projects below and view their funding source, location, planned start and end dates, and justification/need fulfilled.

Water utilities workers repair a water main

Lake Fort Phantom Pump Station Upgrade

This project upgrades the instrumentation & mechanics and removes obsolete systems that help track how much water is pumped, treated, and sent.

Second Pressure Plane Phase 1

Installing a water transmission line.

What are CIP Projects?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Capital Improvement Project?
Capital expenditures are payments used to acquire assets or improve the life of existing assets. Capital improvements are major construction or acquisition efforts which are non-recurring in nature. 

What is the City of Abilene's CIP Program?
The City of Abilene's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is a multi-year plan used to identify needed capital projects and to coordinate the financing and timing of those projects. 

What sorts of projects are typically funded?
CIP projects are long-term investments rather than day-to-day operating expenses. Typical items included infrastructure and assets that are relatively costly ($20,000+) and that are expected to have a long life (15+ years).

Projects can vary widely, but they typically include acquisition, upgrading, or major repair of streets, water lines, sewer lines, drainage facilities, buildings, parks, or similar projects. The program also includes acquisition of major equipment and large vehicles.

What is the process for selection?
Capital projects are identified by departments and submitted to the City Manager for his review. If the City Manager is supportive, Finance is consulted and steps are taken to identify a funding source. The size of the project and available cash on hand determine whether or not it is necessary to issue debt for the project. The Abilene City Council has the ultimate authority whether or not any project exceeding $50,000 is funded.

Factors considered in determining capital items include:

  • An expected normal useful life of 2 years or more
  • Items with a unit cost of $5,000 or more (including freight and installation)
  • Buildings and improvements with a cost of $20,000 or more

Items funded cannot be consumed, unduly altered, or materially reduced in value immediately by use.

More About the City's Capital Improvements Program
The City of Abilene utilizes a long range financial planning and protection program referred to as the Abilene Improvement and Maintenance System (AIMS), which has been incorporated into its financial policies. 

Providing a systematic approach to providing and sustaining of City services to the community, it assures residents of continued progress throughout the years rather than being called upon to make decisions about major deterioration of infrastructure. AIMs allows decisions to be made with a goal of staying one step ahead.