How to Use the On Order Catalog

On Order Login instructions
Welcome to the online training for the On Order Catalog.  Please follow instructions in numerical order.
Link to catalog
1. Please click on this link to go to the On Order Catalog.
2. The link takes you to a page where you will need to login using your valid adult resident library card.  You will need your Library Card number and a your PIN (personal ID number) to authenticate your login.  Login page
3. If you need a Library Card please follow this link. Get a Library card.  If you forgot your library card number or your PIN, please call us at 325-676-6025.4. Enter your card number and PIN.  Then click on Login.login with barcode
5. Once logged in, you should see the on order patron catalog.  This catalog will only have books on order available to see.  In the grey drop down box, choose APL-Juvenile On Order to search for Juvenile books for ages 0-12 years old.Drop down Juvenile6. If you want to look at Young Adult books ages 13-18, use the grey drop down box and choose APL-Young Adult books.Drop down young adult
7. Click on Search and the screen will populate with on order books.Click on Search8. books to review

Anatomy of a record
1. Select a cart to examine.  Click on the cart link to bring up those 30 in the cart.  books to review2. Select the title that you wish to examine.library record Lester
3. Click on the title to find more in depth information about the book, author, reviews and awards if available.Bucket Head title4. Once in the record, you will see information at the bottom of the page about the author, summary of the book and often reviews and awards too!Summary
5. Usually at the top of the page, the summary of the book is available to review.  Often the author's biography is available too.About Helen Lester6. Further down the page, other books by the author are available to explore, reviews from professional journals and a suggested reading level.Reviews and age levels
7. If you would like to comment on the title, click on the "Comment On This" button.Comment on this8.  Enter any comments in the "Please comment below about this material" field. Do not enter information in any other field.  Click on the "submit" button to save your comment.
aplonordercomments page
9.  All comments will be received by the Library Administration and will be shared with the Library Advisory Board for their consideration.  The Library Advisory Board will make recommendations on young adult and juvenile book orders at their next meeting. 10. The Library Advisory Board's recommendations will then go to the Director of Library Services.  The Director of Library Services will make the final decision on what items are ordered.