Second Pressure Plane Phase 3

CIP FY 2022

Project Number: CB-2265

Funding Source: Certificate of Obligation

Location: South of I-20 in Five Points Industrial Park located at Marigold and Fulwiler Road.

Budget: $8,391,850

Type: Hydraulic and Capacity Construction

Start Date: 11/28/2022

Projected Completion Date: 03/05/2024

Details: The Northwest Pump Station Project is the construction of a new pump station facility taking water from the existing Northwest Ground Storage tank and pumping into the new 30” 2nd Pressure Plane Supply Line constructed along Rebecca Lane and Dub Wright Boulevard. The new pump station will also include new replacement pumps for supplying the 1st and 5th Pressure Planes.

Status: Construction

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Last Project Update: 8/18/23

Project Contacts: 

  • Katherine Beeman, Project Manager 325-725-3415
  • Kent Hackworth, Project Inspector 325-725-3589