Lake Fort Phantom Pump Station Upgrade

CIP FY 2021

Project Number: CB-2127

Funding Source: Water Utilities Capital

Location: Off of East Lake Road and Dixon Road

Budget: $2,049,955.00

Actual Cost: $1,963,871.00

Type: Water Facilities Improvements

Start Date: 07/12/2021

Completion Date: 02/13/2022

Details: A pump station raises water to a higher elevation. The Fort Phantom pump station upgrades to instrumentation and mechanics removes obsolete systems that help track how much water is pumped, treated, and sent. The project also includes rehabilitation of the station’s four pumps and maintenance to the buildings and facilities. 

Project components include:

  • Removal of two obsolete Variable Frequency Drive controllers. VFDs allow fine control of a pump’s water rate and are tied into other control systems. 
  • Replacement of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, a collection of software and hardware elements that allows industrial organizations to control processes locally or at remote locations while monitoring, gathering and processing real-time data.

According to 3 Reasons to Upgrade SCADA Software - Affinity Energy, up-to-date SCADA systems:

  • Create safer environments for operations and maintenance personnel.
  • Can handle complex event processing for fault detection, diagnostics, and condition-based maintenance.
  • Benefit from cloud-based technology integration.

The project also updated Programmable Logic Controller cabinets, the housing that contain the updated control systems.

Status: Closeout

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Last Project Update: 8/18/23

Project Contacts: 

  • Katherine Beeman, Project Manager 325-725-3415
  • Kent Hackworth, Project Inspector 325-725-3589