1.5 Million Gallon Elevated Storage Tank - 1st Pressure Plane

CIP FY 2025

Project Number: Not yet assigned

Funding Source: Water Utilities Capital

Location: Specific location to be determined

Budget: $4,430,000 OPCC (Opinion of Probable Construction Costs)

Type: Hydraulic and Capacity Construction

Start Date: Fall 2024

Completion Date: Summer 2026

Details: This project would build a new storage tank with added capacity in the 1st pressure plane, increasing the pressure across the pressure plane.

Status: Programmed

ProgrammedFeasibilityPre DesignDesignBiddingConstructionCloseout

Last Project Update: 8/18/23

Project Contacts: 

  • Katherine Beeman, Project Manager 325-725-3415
  • Kent Hackworth, Project Inspector 325-725-3589
City of Abilene Water Tower