Fire & Life Safety Inspections

The Abilene Fire Department is improving public health and safety through fire prevention, and will be conducting fire inspections at all businesses in the city. Our goal is to educate business owners and increase fire code compliance. These inspections will provide education and information to owners and employees about fire safety with the goals of both reducing the overall fire risk faced by businesses, and protecting the vital economic assets of our community.


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the inspections:

My business has never been subject to a fire inspection before. Why now?

The fire department has been routinely conducting state-mandated inspections and operational permit inspections; the new general fire and life safety inspections will increase the community’s fire preparedness.

Routine fire inspections are an important part of fire prevention efforts, and can help reduce the risk of:

  • Loss of life or injury
  • Lost revenue due to destroyed products or business closure
  • Loss of insurance coverage or denied claims due to negligence

When will my inspection take place?

The Fire and Life Safety Inspections will be completed by a fire crew that is stationed close to your business. This new program will begin on September 1st, 2023. The inspections will occur on an annual basis. Inspections are being prioritized based on geography and potential operational risk.

How can I prepare for my inspection?

View the Fire Inspection Checklist (PDF) or see the pre-inspection list below.

What are some common violations I can correct now?

Some of the most common violations include improper exit signage and lighting, improper extension cord use, fire door violations, and impeded exits. Make sure all emergency exits are properly marked, illuminated, and not impeded. Extension cords should only be plugged into a wall or power strip (not other extension cords), and kept out of walking paths. Fire extinguishers and sprinklers must be properly and routinely serviced, and fire doors adequately installed.

Pre-Inspection Checklist

  • Exterior
    • Waste material not allowed to accumulate on premises: 
    • FDC unobstructed, caps in place
    • Fire apparatus road accessible and in good condition
    • Address posted on front-street side of building
    • Knox Box keys allow access
  • General
    • Storage clearance:  24” to ceiling; 18” to sprinkler heads
    • Mechanical/electrical/boiler room free of combustibles
    • Acceptable access/clearance to electrical panels/appliances:
    • Extension cords/multi-plug adapters used per code
    • Fire rated assembly intact (Walls, Ceilings, Doors)
    • Fire rated doors operational/unblocked
    • Hazardous liquids/gases properly stored and marked
    • General precautions against fire (Interior)

  • Exits
    • Accessible means of egress
    • Exit signs Properly posted/operational
    • Emergency lighting/power source operational
  • Fire Protection Equipment
    • Fire extinguisher service (Annual Inspection)
    • Sprinkler system in service (Annual Inspection)
    • Spare sprinkler heads/wrench
    • Fire alarm system in service (Annual Inspection
    • Hood system in service (6 Month Inspection)
    • Fire protection equipment rooms labeled (Where Required)