Community Clean-Up Champions

Uniting Groups and Businesses for a Cleaner Abilene!

Our 'Community Cleanup Champions' program is a rallying call to groups and businesses in Abilene to take a proactive role in enhancing our community's cleanliness and beauty. We believe that when groups and businesses come together, they have the power to drive positive change.

Whether it's a local company, a neighborhood association, a youth group, or any other organized entity, we encourage you to lead the way in organizing community cleanups. These cleanups provide an opportunity to give back, connect with your community, and make a visible difference.

We'll support your efforts by providing guidance, supplies, and recognition. Join us in the mission to keep Abilene sparkling, one cleanup at a time. Together, we can be the change-makers our community needs.

Email to schedule your Community Clean-Up!

A family joins a community clean up

Available Gear

Keep Abilene Beautiful has everything you need to host a successful clean-up, including all the right gear!

  • Gloves
  • Trash bags
  • Trash grabbers
  • Safety Vests
  • Participation Release Forms