Fire Department

Accomplishments for 2023

The Abilene Fire Department

  • Responded to more than 17,500 emergency incidents.
  • Received the 2023 Texas EMS First Responder Award from the Texas Department of State Health Services at the Texas EMS Conference in Austin on Nov. 21, 2023.

Fire Station #9

  • Procured property at 1102 Beltway South for the new station.
  • Contracted Jacob|Martin for design and engineering.
Fire Station 9 Mockup - Jacob-Martin

Battalion 2

  • Created a Captain position at Station 8 to respond to major incidents and maintain control for AFD shift commanders.

Hiring and Promotions

  • Completed firefighter hiring process, extending job offers to 18 candidates.
  • Hired an Emergency Vehicle Technician to replace a mid-year resignation.
  • Promoted Joey Kincaid to Support Services Deputy Chief after Chief John Brunett's retirement.
  • Promoted Ben Cotton to Battalion Chief on C-shift.
  • Promoted Shane Haught to Fire Captain.
  • Promoted Jason Anderson to Fire Lieutenant.

Established AFD Water Rescue Team

  • Certified 12 personnel as Swift Water Rescue Technicians.
  • Certified 12 personnel as Open Water Divers.
  • Procured one motorized and one non-motorized rescue boat.
  • Purchased 4 new protective gear extractors financed by a Federal Emergency Management Grant, placing a gear extractor at each AFD station and one at the Training Field.

AFD Training Division

  • Coordinated and instructed Annual Area Fire Conference benefiting Big Country volunteer firefighters.
  • Completed all required Fire and EMS continuing education for personnel.
  • Coordinated with Burlington Northern Railroad to instruct a railroad/hazardous materials class.

AFD Hazardous Materials Team

  • Purchased new advanced hazardous materials monitoring equipment.
  • Received training on new equipment and monitoring procedures.
  • Purchased new radiological monitor and provided training on radiological monitoring for all AFD personnel.

Fire Marshal’s Office

  • Re-established Annual Fire Safety Inspection Program for the City of Abilene.
  • All Fire Marshal’s Office personnel received Advanced Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Certifications.
  • Created new position focusing on Community Risk Reduction.
  • Obtained new body cameras.