Planning & Development Services

Accomplishments for 2023

Building Inspections

  • Significant Projects Over $500,000: $90,711,125 Total Valuation of New Development Activity (YTD).
  • 233 Single-Family New Construction Permits (YTD).
  • 29 Non-Residential New Construction Permits (YTD).

Code Compliance

  • Closed 2,677 Cases during  2023 (YTD).
  • Established the Property Maintenance Program and assigned three officers to property maintenance.
  • Shortened the average lifespan of cases for the Condemnation Program by 521 Days and doubled the amount of owner demos and repairs.
  • Reduced the number of Dilapidated Structure Program Cases by 206.
  • Established a Code Compliance Manager position to supplement the Division Manager.
  • Approved hiring a Marshal assigned to Code Compliance full-time.
  • 45 Cases presented to the Board of Building Standards (YTD).

Planning Services

  • Initiated Process of Updating the Abilene Register of Historic Properties
  • Division Responsible for the Education and Applications of the New Rebuild ABI Program
  • Presented 69 Application Requests to the Planning and Zoning Commission (YTD)
  • 80 Plats Processed (YTD)
  • Presented 7 Application Requests to the Board of Adjustment (YTD)

Neighborhood Services

  • Received an Increase in Funding for the Critical Repair Program
  • Among highlights:
    • Extra Allocated Funds for Critical Repair allowed Neighborhood Services to assist 49 households with home repair issues, funding the last case in August.
    • 22 of those households are located in the Empowerment Zone; 8 are in the Sears Neighborhood; 1 is in Carver; 1 is in Alameda; 3 are in Holiday Hills; and 3 are in the Butternut/Chestnut area.
    • 34 of those served are elderly clients.
    • 37 were below the 50% area median income.
  • In addition, the Program:
    • Contracted and completed 1 Single-Family rehabilitation in the Alameda Addition to an elderly and low-Income person.
    • Contracted an Under Construction 1-Reconstruction in the Carver Neighborhood to a low-income family.
    • Closed property located in the Empowerment Zone to 1 homebuyer.