Mobile Printing How-To Guide

  1. Laptop or Desktop Computer
  2. Tablet or Smartphone App

PrinterOn allows you to print from your PC or laptop as long as you have access to the Internet. Print files directly from your computer and send to any of three Abilene Public Library branches. Once finished, stop by the selected service desk, pay for your jobs, and pickup your prints.

Steps for Mobile Printing from a Laptop or PC

STEP 1: Access the “PrinterOn” website by entering one of three URL’s listed below.  The URL selected will be the location your will pickup your print jobs from.  Next, select the printer you’d like to use (black & white copies are $0.15 and color copies are $0.45).  Then enter your email address and use “Select Document” to enter a URL of the page you want to print out online, or use the “Browse” button to locate the file on your PC.  When finished, click the Go button, which looks like a “Press Play” button. 

PrinterOn PC Instruction Sheet

STEP 2: Either use the default page orientation selection or use the pull-down menu to select “Portrait” or “Landscape” options.  Click the green printer button when done to submit your print job. 

PrinterOn PC Instruction Sheet

STEP 3: Your print job will begin processing.  Once finished, you’ll receive a confirmation that “Your request has been processed.”  Visit the pickup library to pay and print for your jobs, providing your email address for staff to locate your jobs. 

PrinterOn PC Instruction Sheet