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Library Services Departments
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Administration Department

The Administration Department is headed by the Director of Library Services. Housed at the Main Library, this department oversees the overall functions of the library system to ensure the library is offering the best in services to the community, and maintaining a high level of standard. This is accomplished through working with the Library Advisory Board, the library's management team, the Friends of the Library Board, City Administration, and the City Council.

Youth Services Department

The Youth Services Department provides materials and programming for youth and families. Our youth services staff is trained in working with youth and overseen by a youth services librarian, with an assistant present at the Main Library and South Branch locations. Staff is available to offer a wealth of knowledge about children's literature and literacy. Along with containing reading materials for newborns through age 12, this department also offers access to AWE Early Literacy stations, Wonderbooks, STEAM Kits, Phonics Kits, Launchpads, puzzles, and more. We also offer a number of programs and events free of charge, as well as weekly storytimes, and you can learn more by visiting our Kids' Page.

Circulation Services Department

The Circulation Department is the primary service point where staff is on hand to: answer your questions, checkout materials, direct you to where you need to go, maintain the stacks, register new library patrons, and resolve issues. Circulating hundreds of thousands of materials each year, staff handle the bulk of library materials through transactions with patrons. Although typically not staffed by librarians, these knowledgeable employees are on hand to assist you.

Genealogy Services Department

If you're looking for your family's past, the Genealogy Department is the place to go. Located at the Main Library, this department is housed on two separate floors. The second floor offers access to an extensive collection of print genealogical resources, as well as a Texas History collection for local history enthusiasts. The basement houses microfilm readers and resources for access and printing, as well as computers to access genealogical databases including Ancestry Plus and Heritage Quest (which are available to be accessed at all branch locations). This department offers access to a number of tools including census indexes, bibliographies, special collections, and more. How-to manuals are also available to assist beginners in getting started in the genealogy process. Library staff in the Information Services Department are available to assist you as needed. 

Information Services Department

The Information Services Department is staffed by professional librarians who provide information on a variety of topics. Staff also develop programming and services aimed at the general adult audience, in a variety of areas including business, lawns & gardens, author presentations, craft sessions, and more. Located in the basement of the Main Library, this department houses the tailored reference collection of items that do not circulate, all non-fiction materials, special collections (i.e. puzzles, book club in a box sets, graphic novels, maker kits, etc.), a makerspace for community access, printing and photocopying services, a study room, microfilm readers, public seating, and staff work spaces. 

Multimedia/Technology Department

The Multimedia & Technology Department is housed at the Main Library and is a small department of library staff overseeing the library's presence online. Staff in this department are responsible for running the library's social media accounts, website, events calendars, newsletters, graphic design, videography & photography, and marketing. It is this department's responsibility to help show the public what the library is doing and what services we have to offer.

Spanish Collection

We offer a Spanish collection of adult fiction and nonfiction books, audiobooks, DVDs, picture books, and resources to learn English. Although all locations provide resources on learning to speak foreign languages and materials for those learning English as a second language, the Mockingbird Branch Library houses Spanish-language resources for the Spanish speakers to checkout. 

Technical Services Department

Working behind-the-scenes, this department is located at the Main Library and serves as a vital part of the library system as its responsible for all materials housed in the library's collection. Library staff have the responsibility for the acquisition of purchased library materials, cataloging them, and preparing them for public use in adherence to the library's collection development policy. We receive regular shipments of new materials on a daily basis, and each item passes through the hands of staff in this department before they reach the public floor.