Lib-Con @ Your Library

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Lib-Con 2022 is coming your way as the committee is planning a host of fun programming to offer the community at no cost. We provided you with a teaser Cosplay Contest in October 2021, after having to cancel this annual event for two years due to COVID. Now in 2022, we're ready to get back into offering you a full Lib-Con lineup.


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Special Thanks to Our Presenters, Volunteers, Businesses, Groups & Those Who Assisted in Lib-Con Activities Including:

Abilene Cosplay Group
Abilene Recovery Council
Anthia Nibizi
ATEMS Robotics Team
Big Country Gunpla Builders | Joe Medellin
County of Skywatch
The Gathering Place
Hearts BBQ
Jees & ATCY
Life of Pie
McMurry ESports
Scott Marcano
Sierra Moon