Volunteer at Lib-Con

Would you like to volunteer at Lib-Con? We have available opportunities throughout the course of Lib-Con. Volunteers must be at least 16-years-old. Check back with us as we get closer to Lib-Con to view our available volunteer opportunities.

Printable Lib-Con Volunteer Application (Coming Soon)

Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be scheduled where and when you would like to volunteer. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.  Additionally, if you're selected to be a Lib-Con volunteers, please be prepared to come in for a volunteer orientation before the event.

General Volunteer Questions Answered

What days do you need volunteers?

Volunteers will be needed throughout the entire length of Lib-Con. On the volunteer application, you may select the preferred day/s you would like to volunteer.

What would I be doing at Lib-Con as a volunteer?

There's a variety of tasks we will have for volunteers to help make sure Lib-Con runs smoothly. Such includes:

  • Set-Up: Assisting behind-the-scenes with setting up rooms and areas for Lib-Con programs and activities. Setting up tables and chairs, prepping crafts and activities, helping the program leader, and additional items as needed.
  • Clean-Up: Helping library staff clean-up rooms and areas after a program has ended.
  • Programs: Working hands-on with library staff and Lib-Con guests to assist in the running of any of a number of programs being hosted throughout the week. Programs may include movie sessions, crafting activities, contests, gaming opportunities, and much more. This area is great for those who love working with the public.
  • Cosplay Contest: Helps with the registration, seating contestants, acting as a gopher for library staff, assisting the audience attending the contest, and more.
  • Anything: If you have an interest in helping with any area of Lib-Con, this is the option for you.

What library will I be helping at?

You may list your preference for volunteering at a specific location on the volunteer form and we will do our best to match you with the location of our choice.