Downtown Parking Program

The Downtown Parking Program was created in 1997 to improve the climate for customer dependent businesses in the downtown Abilene area. This is achieved by providing an opportunity for business owners to encourage their customers to conduct business or shop downtown without feeling restricted by posted time limit signs.

How It Works

If a customer receives a parking citation while downtown, they may return to the business they were visiting and present the citation to the business owner. The business owner then applies a stamp to it, allowing the customer to be relieved from paying the citation. The citation is then mailed or delivered by the customer to the Municipal Court Office within the ten-day appearance period. (Please remember that it is the individual business owner's choice whether or not to participate in this program).

How to Purchase Stamps

Stamps are available for purchase by downtown businesses in ten stamp sheets for $10 from the City's Accounting Office. Each business owner buying the stamps agrees to use the stamps for customers only and document the citation number to which the stamp was affixed. The empty stamp sheet with citation numbers shall be returned to the City prior to the issuance of new stamp sheets. This program is not eligible for downtown employees. 

If a business is found to issue stamps to employees, they may forfeit their right to purchase future stamps. The stamps are only for 9004 violations i.e. overtime parking and is a one-time exemption per customer per year.