Cosplay Contest Information

Website Banner Lib-Con October 5-7 2023
  1. Costume Guidelines
  2. Contest Guidelines


Costume Guidelines

Lib-Con is a family friendly event. All costumes must be suitable for public display. Costumes must cover at least as much as a modest bathing suit. The Abilene Public Library Staff reserves the right to insist on costume modifications. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Prop Guidelines

Misuse of a prop or engaging in any type of inappropriate behavior (fighting, sparring, horseplay) will result in the immediate removal of the prop. All props are subject to review by library staff.

  • Firearms/Projectiles
    • "NERF," air soft, paintball and water guns with the firing mechanism disabled will be allowed. No ’puffs of air" or other discharge should be detected upon testing.
    • Bows must not be fully strung and demonstrate to be able to fire projectiles.
    • No real firearms (replica, antique or otherwise) will be allowed.
  • Bladed Weapons
    • All bladed weapons must be dull to the touch regardless of the material they are made of.
    • Weapons with a metal blade (sharpened or not) will not be allowed.
  • Blunt Force Weapons
    • Real blunt force weapons including, but not limited to, blackjacks, nightsticks, and maces will not be allowed.