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Youth Services is one of the liveliest departments as families make use of a wide range of services of including storytimes, craft days, movie showings, events, an amazing print & digital collection of reading materials, and more. 

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Weekly Storytime Descriptions for Families

Baby Steps (Ages 0-1)

For infants and their caregivers designed for interactive discovery and play including stories, activities and stimuli of all kinds.
Tuesdays at 10:30AM | South Branch Library

Mother Goose on the Loose (Ages 0-3)

Based on an award-winning literacy program utilizing a variety of activities such as rhymes, puppets, and songs.
Thursdays at 11:00AM | Main Library

Play & Learn (Ages 0-3)

Engage in sensory play with your children to help develop and refine the use of their senses.
Mondays at 9:30AM | Mockingbird Branch Library

Historias en Español & Inglés (Años 3-6)

Venga a disfrutar historias, música y más en inglés y español en esta hora de cuentos bilingue.
Miércoles at 10:15AM | Mockingbird Branch Library

Preschool Storytime (Ages 3-6)

Listen to stories, join in fingerplays, sing, and watch puppets and other visual presentations.
Wednesdays at 11:00AM | South Branch Library

Toddler Time (Ages 2-3)

For children who are getting ready for longer stories to help prepare them for all regular youth programming.
Mondays at 10:00AM | Mockingbird Branch Library
Wednesdays at 11:00AM | Main Library
Thursdays at 11:00AM | South Branch Library

Wiggles & Giggles (Ages 1-3)

A fun program combining music, dance, and rhythm with structure learning to help children develop confidence, coordination, and social skills.
Tuesdays at 11:00AM | South Branch Library

About the Youth Department

  1. Main Library
  2. South Branch
  3. Mockingbird Branch

Located on the first floor, this area houses our children's collection from beginning readers through middle school. Here you will find knowledgeable staff ready to answer your questions. You will also find computers, accessible by patrons with a valid library card, and the AWE Early Literacy stations equipped with educational gaming for youth. Additional items available to keep youth entertained includes games, LEGO, puzzles, coloring pages, and more. Although not a primary space for programming, craft activities are sometimes conducted in this area. You will also find our storyroom, which is where the majority of programming is hosted. This room is filled with wall-to-wall murals to promote children's literature and is a great space for kids, parents, and staff to interact together in events.

Also Ask Us About

All branches offer a lineup of programming for youth up to 12 years of age. Visit our Events Page for details.

AWE Early Literacy Stations

Multiple educational stations are located at each branch library to provide youth with access to a host of safe gaming and learning activities to keep them occupied in the children's area. Offered first-come, first-served, these stations feature touchscreen features for a child's enjoyment.

Homeschooling Kits

We have a strong homeschool community in Abilene and sometimes parents are looking for fun materials to help supplement their curriculums. A former children's librarian has curated this special collection at the South Branch Library and each self-contained kit will cover a different topic, including materials within to help supplement and enhance studies.

Library Tours

Tours are available for any group wishing to obtain a better understanding of the library's services. These tours will introduce groups to how the library functions, the services offered to them, and more. For youth and local student tours, sessions may also include incorporating storytimes and/or other activities to engage youth. Call to setup a time, or for more information.

  • Main Library: 325-677-2474
  • South Branch: 325-698-7565
  • Mockingbird Branch: 325-437-7323

Literacy Kits

All branch locations offer access to a selection of literacy and activity kits for local youth.  Each comes with a variety of interactive materials, which may include books, CDs, and activity binder, and additional content.  Available kits are for those that promote literacy, homeschool education, phonics, and more.  They remain in popular demand at all locations so feel free to take advantage of them.

NCCIL Collection

Each library branch offers a collection of popular children's books based on the featured award-winning artists that have been on exhibit at the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature since it opened. Each are housed separate in the children's collection and feature all the works of these artists, authors, and illustrators, who have also been honored during the Children's Art + Literacy Festival.

Phonics Kits

Learning to read can be made a little easier through the library's curated collection of phonics kits. Each are designed with books and supplemental materials to help youth build stronger reading skills. Look for them at your library on your next visit to try them out for your own young readers.

School Presentations

Youth staff at each branch not only put on great activities inside the library, we're also available to visit your school to tell your students about the programs we offer. Give us a call and see how we can assist you and schedule a time for a visit.


The South Branch Library carries a host of self-contained kits on a variety of STEAM topics including astronomy, building, money, shapes, health, and more. More than two dozen kits are available to be checked out and used at home to spark learning in youth in a variety of subject areas. They remain popular and highly circulated so see staff to inquire about them more.


All locations have a great selection of enhanced books referred to as Wonderbooks from Playaway. These popular juvenile reads are the full-sized version of books that include an audio component so that the book can be read to your child or he/she can read along with the audio. Additional educational content is included to help youth in retaining what they hear and read.