About the Parks Department


Parks & Area Covered

The City of Abilene has a well-developed park system that it takes great pride in. The system has 27 parks totaling approximately 720 acres and offers a varied collection of modern facilities to fill the many diverse recreation needs of its clients.

Landscaping Efforts

The Parks Division also provides the landscape management services to many other City properties other than parks, areas totaling 257 acres. These include many municipal buildings, boulevards, vacant lots, and the Municipal Cemetery. One of these sites is the award-winning Missouri Pacific Railway right-of-way, comprising 40 acres of landscaped berms along four miles of railway, flanked on either side by major arterial streets running through the center of the city. This project has won two statewide awards for achievement in beautification. It was made possible by the financial support of a local donor, business community, and the construction capabilities of the Parks Division.

Municipal Cemetery

Master Plans

Kirby Lake Master Plan