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  1. Severe Weather Preparedness

Be Prepared for Severe Weather!

For more information, visit  ready.gov/severe-weather & community.fema.gov

Preparing for Severe Weather

Preparing for Severe Weather

  • Know the risk. Storms can occur year-round and at any hour. They can cause powerful winds, hail, flash flooding, or tornadoes.
  • Sign up for CodeRED or other warning systems, such as the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and NOAA Weather Radio emergency alerts. Learn how to sign up for CodeRED.
  • Strengthen your home. Cut down or trim trees that may be in danger of falling on your home. Consider buying surge protectors for your appliances & electronic devices. Secure outside furniture.
  • Make an emergency plan so that you and your family know what to do, where to go, and what you will need to protect yourselves from a thunderstorm.

If you are under a thunderstorm warning:

  • When thunder roars, go indoors!
  • Pay attention to alerts & warnings
  • Avoid using electronic devices connected to an electrical outlet
  • Avoid running water during a storm

A THUNDERSTORM WARNING means current storm conditions can turn worse, including heavy rain, hail, and strong winds. Seek shelter immediately!

Stay Safe during a Hail Storm

Stay Safe during a Hail Storm

  • Get indoors immediately. Hailstones vary in size, but even small ones pose a danger to anything or anyone caught in a storm.
  • Secure windows. Once indoors, close all drapes, blinds, or shades to prevent broken window glass and hailstorms from entering your home.
  • Take precautions if driving. Stay in your vehicle & pull over safely. Turn your back to windows or cover yourself with a blanket to protect yourself from broken glass.
  • Sign up for CodeRED or other warning systems, such as the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and NOAA Weather Radio emergency alerts. Learn how to sign up for CodeRED

After Severe Weather or Hail Storm:

  • Evaluate the condition of your roof to identify any damage & prevent further deterioration
  • Watch for fallen power lines & trees
  • Listen to authorities & weather forecasts for information

Turn around - don’t drown! Flash flooding may occur during or after a severe weather event - always listen to weather forecasts & local news.

  1. Tornado Preparedness
  1. Free Programs 
  1. Warnings, Watches & Advisories

The Office of Emergency Management

The City of Abilene Office of Emergency Management develops, maintains, and implements a local community plan for mitigating, managing and recovering from major emergencies and disasters. 

Emergency Management Personnel Training

  1. Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is consistent with and complements a comprehensive emergency management system for the state of Texas and the United States. Mission accomplishment will reduce the vulnerability of our citizens to injury and loss of life, and lessen the loss of property and damage to the city. This can be achieved by providing a system for the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and recovery from natural or man-made hazards, and terrorist threats.

  1. Local Emergency Management
  1.  Assisted Living Emergency Plans