Emergency Management

Current Events

  1. National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month

The City of Abilene Office of Emergency Management, as well as community partners, encourage you to prepare for emergencies by using these tips shared during the month of September.

Week 4: Teach Youth about Preparedness

  • Review your family emergency communications plan with your kids at your next household meeting.
  • Kids, parents, & educators can visit the Ready Kids website in English: ready.gov/kids & in Spanish: ready.gov/es/ninos 
  • Need tips for talking to your kids about natural disasters? Visit ready.gov/kids/parents
  • Many Americans aren't familiar with their child's school evacuation & reunification plans. Are you?
  • Kids can become Disaster Masters at ready.gov/kids/games & teens can become involved in Teen CERT. Find opportunities online at ready.gov/kids/teen-cert 

Preparedness Month - Week 4 - Teach Youth About Preparedness and become disaster masters!

  1. Free Programs 
  1. Preparing for Wildfires
  1. Tornado Safety

The Office of Emergency Management

The City of Abilene Office of Emergency Management develops, maintains, and implements a local community plan for mitigating, managing and recovering from major emergencies and disasters. 

Emergency Management Personnel Training

  1. Emergency Operations Plan
  2. Local Emergency Management
  3.  Assisted Living Emergency Plans

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is consistent with and complements a comprehensive emergency management system for the state of Texas and the United States. Mission accomplishment will reduce the vulnerability of our citizens to injury and loss of life, and lessen the loss of property and damage to the city. This can be achieved by providing a system for the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and recovery from natural or man-made hazards, and terrorist threats.