CodeREDCity of Abilene-Taylor County CodeRED Emergency Notification System

In the case of an emergency or urgent notification, the City of Abilene has the capability to notify residents via the telephone through a warning system called CodeRED. The system is geographical-based and allows the City to alert citizens based on their location and telephone numbers. A pre-recorded message tells a live person or an answering machine about the specific situation and if any action is necessary.

Sign Up for CodeRED

Relocating from Abilene/Taylor County? To opt out of Weather Warning call (800) 566-9780 from each mobile phone registered with Weather Warning and follow the prompts.

When You Get a CodeRED Call

You will see the phone number 866-419-5000 appear on your caller ID. If you receive a CodeRED message comply with the following:

  • Call 211 if you need additional information
  • Call the number back if you want to hear the message again
  • Do not call 911
  • Don't hang up until the message is complete
  • Follow Instructions
  • Listen Carefully

When the CodeRED System Is Used

The system will be used when an emergency situation arises affecting the citizens of Abilene and Taylor County. Examples include but not limited to: 

  • Chemical spill or hazardous waste problem
  • Evacuation notice
  • Flooding in a specific area
  • Gas leak
  • A Silver/Amber Alert in Abilene

You will only receive a message if you are in the area impacted or it is a city-wide or county-wide notification.

Opt-Out of CodeRED

If you wish to opt out of CodeRED or receive the call as a wrong number, please visit