1. Latest COVID-19 Testing Numbers 3-29-20

    Latest COVID-19 Testing Numbers as of March 29, 2020

    Please note: total testing numbers (pendings, positives, negatives, and resulting tests conducted) now include numbers for Taylor County and Dyess Air Force Base. Read on...
  2. Testing Update March 28 2020

    Abilene Taylor County Public Health District receives four positive COVID-19 test results

    These four positive test results brings the total positive test count for Taylor County and Dyess Air Force Base to seven. Read on...
  3. A message from Mayor Anthony Williams

    A message from Mayor Anthony Williams

    Mayor Anthony Williams shares a message with residents as he plans to take another step to further safeguard the health of our community against COVID-19 Read on...
  4. Testing Update for March 27 2020

    Abilene Taylor County Public Health District receives second positive COVID-19 test result

    This is the second positive test result received by the Health District, and the third total for Taylor County and Dyess AFB Read on...
  5. Coronavirus update for March 27, 2020

    Details around first confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in Taylor County

    An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the first individual to test positive for COVID-19 in Taylor County has revealed the following information... Read on...
  6. Graphic image announcing first confirmed positive COVID-19 test result in Taylor County

    Abilene Taylor-County Health District receives first confirmed positive test result for COVID-19

    The infected individual was tested Wednesday, March 25, and received notification of their positive test result Thursday, March 26. Read on...
  7. Remember to practice social distancing and sanitize at City parks

    Residents urged to practice social distancing and sanitize at City parks

    It's important to know Community Services’ Parks and Recreation crews do not sanitize City park equipment or surfaces. Read on...
  8. Graphic image for COVID-19 update as of March 23, 2020

    Extension of Disaster Declaration Limits Gatherings to 10

    Effective immediately after signing on March 23, 2020, Mayor Anthony Williams has directed residents to limit social gatherings to 10 or fewer individuals to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read on...
  9. Questions and Answers to Governor Abbott&#39s Executive Order

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the Governor's Executive Order

    Governor Greg Abbott's office has provided these answers to questions on his Executive Order limiting social gatherings. Read on...
  10. Image of Governor Abbott&#39s Executive Order limiting gatherings to 10 people

    Governor's Executive Order Supersedes Local Gathering Limits

    Click here for a look at the exact language of Governor Abbott's Executive Order limiting social gatherings to 10 people. Read on...
  11. Abilene City Hall limited hours 3/23, closed to public 3/24 until further notice

    City Hall Limited Public Hours March 23, 2020, Closed to Public Beginning March 24

    Monday, March 23, 2020, Abilene City Hall will be open to the public from the hours of 11 a.m. to 1 p.m, and closed to the public as of Tuesday. Read on...
  12. Coronavirus Update as of 3-18-20

    Gatherings Limited to 50, City Extends Closures to Limit Potential for Spread of COVID-19

    Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams has issued a disaster declaration, limiting the gathering of individuals in our community to 50, and municipal closures are extended to promote social distancing. Read on...
  13. Graphic image stating COVID19 update from City of Abilene as of March 17 2020

    Gatherings Limited, City Closures Announced to Limit Potential for Spread of COVID-19

    Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams and City administration has taken these steps to promote social distancing in our community. Read on...
  14. Coronavirus Update: No Coronavirus in Drinking Water

    No Coronavirus in Drinking Water

    There is no Coronavirus in our drinking water. It has never been detected in water and the City of Abilene's water treatment methods help remove or inactivate viruses. Read on...
  15. Graphic imaging directing viewers to for latest info and updates on Coronavir

    Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District Reports No Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Taylor County

    Get the latest recommendations from the Public Health District on maintaining the health of our community regarding COVID-19... Read on...
  16. Public Health - Limited Services Available

    Public Health Limited Services

    Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District limited services Read on...
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The Health Services Department includes the Abilene Taylor-County Public Health District and is the community's source for health management and maintenance, whether it's personal health or environmental health. Their goal is to keep Abilene healthy and happy through their services.

Our Mission

To protect and promote the health of all in Abilene and Taylor County through research, advocacy, and services that prevent disease and enhance the well-being of the community and the environment in which they live.

Our Vision

Partnering with the community, we will create an environment where all have the opportunity to improve their health and quality of life. 

Our Values

  • Collaboration: We collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to promote community health and prevent disease.
  • Innovation: We effectively use evidence-based strategies and best practices to advance public health.
  • Integrity: We serve with accountability and consistency to build community trust.
  • Professionalism: We exemplify professionalism through respect, excellence, and teamwork.
  • Quality: We provide exceptional, valuable services for our community.