1. Akido at Cobb Recreation Center
  2. Country Western Dance Classes
  3. Basic Manners Dog Obedience Class
  4. Scent Work Class for Dogs
  5. Advanced Scent Work Class for Dogs
  6. Puppy Obedience Class

Come to Cobb Recreation Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to learn the art of Aikido! Aikido is a defensive martial arts, and students will learn to blend with an attack to re-direct the force, use throws and joint locking techniques to neutralize an attacker. Class starts on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

It's $33 per month, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Cobb Recreation Center. Register online at the My Parks and Recreation website.

Aikido class Abilene Texas

Instructors Wanted

If you have a skill or talent and want share your experience and earn extra money by teaching a class, please call 325-676-6217 for more information.