Laboratory Services

Medical Testing

The Abilene - Taylor County Public Health District provides clinical testing at reduced rates.


  • Monday through Thursday, 8:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-3:30pm
  • Fridays 8:00am-12:00pm

Please call (325) 437-4653 for individual lab pricing and to make an appointment.


  • Chemistry Profile - Used for many general health check-ups. Combination of 20 different chemistry tests. Checks for glucose, kidney functions, liver functions, and electrolytes
  • Lipid panel- Checks cholesterol and triglycerides. HDL and calculated LDL. Should be completed while 12 hour fasting.
  • Complete Blood Count - Used for many general health check-ups. Checks for conditions such as anemia and certain infections.
  • Hepatitis B Antibody Test - shows if you are immune to Hepatitis B
  • Pregnancy Testing**
  • Syphilis Testing - Test for this sexually transmitted disease
  • Urinalysis - Detects any problems in the urinary tract, such as infections
  • Titers** - Testing for determination of immunization need and antibodies. 

*An order from your physician is required for testing at this facility for most services.

**Pregnancy testing and titers do not require a physician's order.

STI testing is performed at the MERCY Clinic. Call (325) 676-6634 to schedule an appointment.