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Park Bucks

About Parks Bucks

Want a way to contribute to your Community? The Park Bucks Program helps support your Parks and Recreation system by providing funds that are specifically earmarked for improvements to the City’s Parks and Recreation Centers.

Since 1987, your donations to the Parks Bucks program has paid for over $840,000 worth of park improvements!

How to Donate

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  1. Contribute $1 each month on your water bill by filling out the Park Bucks Form (PDF).
  2. Return with your water payment:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parks Bucks?

The Parks Bucks Program helps support our parks and recreation by providing funds specifically for the improvements of City of Abilene parks and recreation. Abilenians can contribute $1 a month through their water bill. That dollar goes 100% towards park improvements such as playground improvements, paved trails, additional park amenities, and more.

How did it get started?

Parks Bucks started in 1987 and was originally known as the Parks Voluntary Contribution Program. This allowed Abilene citizens to make monthly contributions to parks and recreation through Abilene’s water billing system. Within the first 8 months of the program, 2,000 individuals signed up to contribute, raising $17,990. The very first park improvement was to build a playground at Will Hair Park in August of 1988. Bowie Park was the second park to benefit from this program when it received a playground in October of 1988. As of December 2020, Parks Bucks has raised more than $843,830 for the City of Abilene Parks and Recreation System. 

What has it done for our community?

More than $370,000 have gone to the development and improvements of more than 15 playgrounds, such as Cobb Park, Grover Nelson Park, Rose Park, and Sears Park. Contributions have also supported the expansion of Rose Park Tennis Center, establishing the skate park in Rose Park, paving trails at Redbud, and adding lights to ballfields at Lake Kirby Park. Other additions include landscaping, concrete resurfacing, outdoor workout equipment, drinking fountains, picnic tables, shade structures, and much more. 

Why should I participate in this?

Participating in Parks Bucks will provide a large benefit for our community, creating outdoor recreational exploration activities, as well as park improvements and expansions. Just $1 a month can have a direct impact on bringing new and improved playground areas, extended trails for hiking or jogging, additional landscaping throughout our parks, and so much more. With your generous donation we can provide fun recreation in our parks for all ages, including you, your family and loved ones.

Where can I sign up for Parks Bucks?

You can register either by mail-in or email. Through mail-in, you fill out the Parks Bucks Form (PDF) and then return the form with your water payment (Mail to: P.O. Box 3479 Abilene, Texas 79604). You can also email the form to the Parks and Recreation Department at

Nelson Wilson Park Playground Abilene Texas

Redbud Park Outdoor Workout Area Abilene Texas

Kirby Lake Park Boardwalk Abilene Texas

Reyes Flores Playground Abilene, Texas

Keep Abilene Beautiful Memorial Tree Program

This program is another way to support the park. It provides an opportunity to honor people and commemorate special events by donating a bench or tree to be placed in one of our beautiful parks. A tree or bench is a unique gift that lasts for several lifetimes; they are a wonderful way to:

  • Celebrate a birth
  • Cherish the memory of a loved one
  • Commemorate a wedding or anniversary
  • Honor personnel in uniform

For more information, visit Keep Abilene Beautiful.