Wastewater Treatment

The City of Abilene collects and treats wastewater from users in the incorporated city limits and from:

  • City of Buffalo Gap
  • City of Tuscola
  • City of Tye
  • Hawley Independent School District
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  1. Collection
  2. Treatment

Wastewater Collection System

The wastewater collection system is a network of approximately 679 miles of sewer lines, 4 lift stations, and 10,070 manholes.

Sewage flows by gravity, aided when necessary by lift stations, through the collection system into the Buck Creek Pump Station, which has a rated pumping capacity of approximately 24 million gallons daily (MGD). An emergency storage basin at this facility has a capacity of approximately 23 million gallons.

Sewage is metered at Buck Creek and then pumped five miles to the wastewater treatment plant.

1987 Wastewater Collection System Analysis

A 1987 Wastewater Collection System Analysis analyzed the system. The Analysis:

  • Identified inadequacies in existing and future capacities
  • Recommended improvements
  • Estimated costs
  • Proposed construction schedules

Since that time, many of the recommended rehabilitation and upgrade projects have been completed to improve carrying capacity in the system.