Wastewater Treatment

The City of Abilene collects and treats wastewater from users in the incorporated city limits and from:

  • City of Buffalo Gap
  • City of Tuscola
  • City of Tye
  • Hawley Independent School District

The Wastewater Division collects wastewater from homes and businesses, with more than 830 miles of underground gravity flow sewer mains, 8,202 manholes for inspection and maintenance, and 3 lift stations to pump sewage uphill when needed.

Daily duties

  • Clearing sewer stops and cleaning sewer lines.
  • Smoke testing to identify points for inflows.
  • CCTV video inspection to verify system integrity.
  • Line replacement, rehabilitation and point repairs.
  • Responding to sewer overflows to protect public health and safety.
  • Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) program responsible for inspecting hundreds of grease traps.
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