Abilene Brush Center

Brush (tree limbs, yard waste) is accepted at the Abilene Brush Center at 2149 Sandy Street. Driver's license and a current City of Abilene water bill are required for free disposal. Fees apply for commercial accounts.

We Accept
We Don't Accept
  • Leaves and tree limbs from our residential customers.
  • Tree limbs must be between 6 to 8 feet long and with a maximum diameter of 18 inches.
  • Bagged grass or leaves must be emptied in the designated areas.

  • Larger tree trunks
  • Root systems

Purchase Mulch

Mulch is available for pick up at the Abilene Brush Center. Please bring your own containers and implements to load the mulch, or City Staff can assist in loading.

Regular Mulch

  • Self-loaded by Resident: Free
  • Loaded by City Staff: $5 per yard

Premium Mulch

  • Self-loaded by Resident: $7 per yard 
  • Loaded by City Staff: $7 per yard

Delivery is also available within the city limits for an additional charge. Please call (325) 677-2149 for more information.

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