Citizens Convenience Center

The Citizens Convenience Station is a self-serving drop off location for bulky items. This is for residents only. Driver's license and a current City of Abilene water bill are required.

Recycling Sandy 3


  • State Law states this site is designated single family residential waste only - Commercial waste is prohibited
  • Homeowners must sign in and present a driver's license for proof of residency along with a current City of Abilene water bill
  • Limited to approximately one pickup bed-sized load per visit
  • Homeowners must unload their own material and place in the appropriate container
  • Attendant reserves the right to refuse any load

Accepted Materials

  • Bulky items, such as furniture and mattresses
  • Carpeting
    • Limit 2 rolls per visit
  • Wood Fencing
    • Limit 50 feet per visit

Prohibited Materials

  • Materials hauled from commercial establishments, multi-family residential property, or government sites
  • Construction waste, including: 
    • Bricks
    • Concrete
    • Rock
    • Sheetrock
    • Shingles
    • Tile
  • Putrescible waste (food, paper, etc.)
  • Anyone receiving payment to haul waste from a residential site is in violation of state law if using this site
  • Tires are prohibited