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CityLink provides door-to-door transit service for persons with disabilities who are certified "ADA paratransit eligible". This paratransit service is an advance reservation, shared-ride, demand-response service. It is provided during the same time periods as fixed-route bus service, i.e, Monday through Friday from 6:15 am until 6:15 pm and on Saturday from 6:30 am until 6:15 pm, except holidays. Drivers are trained to assist passengers in boarding and disembarking from the vehicles.


The ADA paratransit service is for persons whose physical or mental disability prevents them from accessing the fixed-route bus service. Determination of eligibility includes evaluation of the individual's functional ability to access a fixed-route system. Eligibility guidelines are found in CFR 49 Section 37.


Trips must be scheduled at least a day in advance and subscription booking is allowed, but limited. Trips are scheduled through the CityLink ADA Paratransit department:


ADA paratransit service is provided throughout the City. For fare purposes, a primary service area has been established. The primary service area is that part of the City within 3/4 miles of a bus route. For one-way trips that begin and end in the primary service area, the fare is $2. For one-way trips that begin and/or end outside the primary service area, the fare is $3.


For an application or additional information regarding the paratransit service, call 676-6287 ext. 2 Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4 pm.

Apply Online

Please fill out our online form to apply for Paratransit service. Once complete, please have a medical professional (doctor, nurse, licensed therapist, social worker, or O&M specialist) fill out the questionnaire concerning the applicant to verify their eligibility and need to use this service.

Download Application

If you wish to download and print out the form instead, please use the following links.