Code Compliance

Inform. Inspect. Improve.

The mission of Code Compliance is to educate the public and gain citizen compliance on health, safety, and quality of life issues. The City of Abilene residents need and deserve to live in a safe and healthy environment. 

Code Compliance is responsible for enforcing city ordinances. The division is authorized to pursue criminal and civil remedies to abate nuisances (high weeds, off-street parking, unsightly conditions, falling fences, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining a safe, sanitary and clean city.

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Get to know the laws… if the owner and/or occupant fail to comply in a timely manner with a request to correct a violation, a municipal court citation may be issued and/or the violation corrected at the owner’s expense. A lien may be filed to recover the city’s cost of abatement. Please view the City of Abilene Code of Ordinances to learn more about the different types of violations.

  1. Grass & Weeds

Grass & Weeds Over 12 Inches

Grasses weeds or brush at a height greater than twelve (12) inches, including the adjacent parkway and alleys. This includes:

  • The portion of any lot, tract or parcel of land greater than five (5) acres, which is within thirty (30) feet from the curb of any street, edge of pavement, or any traveled portion of a street or roadway.
  • The portion of the lot, tract or parcel of land greater than five (5) acres, which is within thirty (30) feet from any abutting lot, tract or parcel of land which is one(1) acre or less and occupied by a residence.

Please Note: Grass & weeds over 4 feet will be sent directly to a mower and the owner will be billed.

Grass and Weeds

  1. Dead Tree
  1. Dilapidated Fence
  1. Dilapidated Structure
  1. Junk, Trash, Debris
  1. Junk Vehicle
  1. Vehicle Parked on Unimproved Surface
  1. Obnoxious Odors