Planning Services


The Planning Services Division works together with the community to enhance and maintain quality of life in Abilene by guiding specific use and arrangement of urban development through administration and enforcement of the City’s Land Development Code (LDC) and Comprehensive Plan. In addition, the Planning Services Division encourages proper growth, development, redevelopment, and stabilization of neighborhoods by providing technical assistance to the City’s Council, boards, commissions, developers, and citizens.

The Planning staff provides expertise and policy advice for the following boards, commissions, and committees:

  • City Council
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Tax Increment Redevelopment Zone (TIRZ) Board
  • Mayor’s Downtown Task Force
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Landmarks Commission
  • Development Review Committee (DRC)
  • Entertainment District Task Force

Staff also provides other core services such as administering the City’s Facade Improvement and Demolition Assistance Grant Programs.

Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is comprised of seven Abilene citizens who act as an advisory board to City Council in regards to land use and zoning related matters. Members are appointed by the Mayor for three year terms.

The Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council hold public hearings on cases in City Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall. If you are interested in any case, you have the opportunity to make your opinion known to the appropriate body at that time.

It is also permissible to mail us a signed letter, which will be forwarded to the Planning and Zoning Commission or City Council, whichever is hearing the case at that time.


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All Planning Services applications are now online. Apply for Zoning, Plats, Conditional Use Permits, Thoroughfare Closures, and Itinerant Business Permits all from one place. 

Did You See a "Zoning" Sign?

Meeting Dates

Planning & Zoning: May 3, 2022
City Council Final Reading & Public Hearing: June 9, 2022

All meetings on this schedule are held at the South Branch Abilene Public Library located in the Mall of Abilene until June 10th.

Sign Location(s)Case NumberRequest
633 Oak StreetCUP-2022-02

Allow the use of Automobile repair and maintenance services-minor within the Central Business (CB) district

149 Oak StreetCUP-2022-05

Allow the use of Wholesaling & Storage-indoor within the Central Business (CB) district

Hillview AdditionZ-2022-09

Change zoning of approximately 3.906 acres from Agricultural Open (AO) to Residential Single-Family District-12 (RS-12)

N. Willis Street


Change the zoning of .909 acres from General Retail (GR) to a Planned Development District (PD)

Burl Harris DriveZ-2022-11

Change zoning from Light Industrial (LI) to Heavy Commercial (HC)

Meeting Dates

Planning & Zoning: June 7, 2022
City Council Final Reading & Public Hearing: July 142022

All meetings on this schedule are held at the South Branch Abilene Public Library located in the Mall of Abilene until June 10th.

Sign Location(s)Case NumberRequest
1665 S. 15th Street

Allow the use of Daycare-operation Center-based within Medium Density Residential (MD) district

Windmill Acres


Approval of a Conditional Use Permit Allowing Multi-Family Residential Buildings on Approximately 15 Acres of Now-Vacant Land in a General Retail (GR) District

Blind Asylum LandsZ-2022-12

Change zoning of approximately 27.2 acres from Agricultural Open (AO) and Residential Multi-Family (MF) to Residential Multi-Family (MF) and General Commercial

Denali Addition/Lunatic Asylum LandsZ-2022-13

Change the zoning of approximately 36.5 acres from Residential Multi-Family (MF), Office (O), and Agricultural Open (AO) to General Retail (GR), residential Multi-Family (MF) and General Commercial (GC)

Blind Asylum Lands/Trails of Abilene AdditionZ-2022-14

Amend terms and conditions of Planned Development District Number 104 (a.k.a. PD 104) specifically to add single-family residential uses within this Planned Development District

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