Boards & Commissions

Abilene residents with a sincere desire to become involved in our community can do so through one of the City's many boards. All board members receive training and orientation to better prepare for a role as a council advisor.

Appointment Process

Staff and/or board chairpersons provide the Mayor and Council a list of:

  • Boards whose members have terms expiring
  • A brief summary of board functions and staff recommendations for reappointments and/or new appointments
  • Chart of racial and gender makeup for each board
  • Prospective board members

After careful review of board information, the Mayor, with Council approval, appoints or reappoints members to the boards.

Be advised, the City of Abilene will now run a criminal background check on all applicants, new or returning. Applicants must submit the background check authorization form with their board application to be considered for appointment. The City Secretary shall run the background check once the Mayor has approved (re)appointment, and will consult with the Mayor and City Manager if any prior convictions appear on the background check. The Mayor shall be the final authority to deny or approve an applicant based on prior convictions. 

Apply for Board Membership

Download the Board and Commission Candidate Application Form (PDF). You can submit by the following:

Post-Appointment Information & Training

Once appointed for a board, a new member can use the following information to be prepared for a meeting.

  • Oath of Office (PDF)
    • Issued/filed simultaneously with the Oath of Office
    • Original must be submitted to the Board Coordinator
    • Requires notarization
  • Statement of Appointed Officer (PDF)
    • Issued/filed simultaneously with the Oath of Office
    • Notarization not required
    • Original must be submitted to the Board Coordinator
  • Open Government Training
    • Ability to provide the Code to the Board Coordinator so they may print on your behalf
    • The certificate must be submitted to the Board Coordinator
    • Each session is about 1 hour long
    • Required to be taken within 90 days of appointment to any board or commission of the City of Abilene
    • Sessions include:
      • Open Meetings Act
      • Public Information Act