Under Assistant Chief Craig Jordan

The mission of the Investigations Unit is to aid in the Police Department's overall mission by providing quality, professional, and ethical criminal investigations and crime victim services.

Investigations also include the Major Investigations Bureau (MIB) that houses the Persons, Forensics, Property, Fraud Units, and Narcotics and Auto Crimes. Investigations also include the Special Investigations Bureau (SIB) that houses the Youth, Cyber Crimes, School Resource Officers (SRO), Special Victims Unit, Sex Offender Registry, and Safety City.

The Major Investigations Bureau (MIB)consists of five specialized Units dealing with various crimes. Included in this Bureau are the Persons Unit, the Forensics Unit, the Property Unit, the Fraud Unit, Narcotics, and the Auto Crimes Unit. 

MIB consists of a lieutenant, four sergeants, several detectives, and a few undercover agents.

Unsolved Crimes

Do you have information regarding an unsolved violent crime?  Email us at Unsolved Homicides can be reviewed on the Abilene Crime Stoppers website.

Persons Unit

The crime against Persons detectives are responsible for investigating some of the more graphic and high-profile crimes in our City. These crimes include Robbery, Homicide, Simple and Aggravated Assaults, and a variety of other crimes committed against individuals and businesses.

Forensics Unit

Forensics is comprised of three technicians that assist MIB and other Departments with investigations. This unit is responsible for gathering and intake of specific crime scene evidence that includes DNA, fingerprints, and other evidence that is vital for successful prosecution.

Property Unit

The Property Unit detectives are responsible for investigating crimes involving the property of citizens. These include Theft, Burglary of Motor Vehicles, and a variety of other crimes.

Fraud Unit

The Fraud Unit detectives are responsible for investigating crimes involving Fraud, Counterfeiting, Stolen identity, and a host of other crimes against citizens. Fraud and counterfeiting have been on the rise due to the availability of technology do commit these crimes.


Narcotics' primary function is to investigate drug smuggling, distribution, and the use and abuse of controlled substances. In addition, Narcotics is responsible for investigating fraudulent prescriptions for controlled substances.

Auto Crimes

The Auto Crimes detectives are responsible for investigating crimes related to Burglaries of Motor Vehicles. They conduct vehicle identification number certification and assist other investigators with various crimes.