Zoning Applications

Zoning Changes

Zoning establishes the types of land uses permitted on a specific tract of land. Zoning also regulates the size, intensity, and height of development, as well as signage, screening, and parking related to development. Zone changes allow for development that is not permissible under current district’s regulations. The zoning on a specific piece of property can change only through a public hearing process. This process allows public participation from the applicant, interested citizens, and decision makers. The process requires public notification, public hearings, a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission, and final approval by the City Council.

Application Fees

  • Zone changes to Planned Development Districts:
    • Planned Development District: $2,000
    • Planned Development District:, Amendment: $1,000
  • All other zone changes:
    • Zone Change Request: $1,500

Street Name Changes

Street name changes can alter a street name completely or add an Honorary Title to an existing name. Both processes require a public hearing and approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council. The Honorary Street Name Change also requires a petition signed by a minimum of 51% of residents along the street to be changed. 

Application Fees

  • Standard street name change: $800 (applicant also responsible for notification costs)
  • Honorary street name change: To be determined

Thoroughfare Closures

Thoroughfares, including alleys and parkways along public roadways, are public rights-of-way that allow access throughout the city. Upon approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council, citizens can acquire the land from the City at the current market value. 

Application Fee

Based on land value, will be determined at time of application.

Easement Releases

These must be approved by all the utility companies or City services that utilize the space before the easement can be released to the property owner. If there are utility lines in place they must be relocated at the applicant’s expense.

Application Fee

Application fee: $400

Zoning Verification Letters

Provide a letter stating:

  • The person or business (with address) to receive the letter
  • The requested information (i.e. current zoning, code violation history, flood zone classification, etc.)
  • Requests for additional documents (copies of Certificates of Occupancy, zoning map, etc.)
  • Any additional requests or instructions

Allow at least one week for staff to process your request once it is received.

Application Fee

Application fee: $100

Zoning Process Flow Chart

Zoning Process Flow Chart