The Abilene Police Department Training Division is housed at the Warren Dodson Police Training Complex just North of Abilene. 


The mission of the Training Division is to recruit and select the best-qualified candidates for the position of Police Officer, to provide meaningful and effective entry-level training, and to provide in-service training and weapons proficiency training to all police personnel.

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Staffing for the division includes:

  • 1 Lieutenant (Who is the Director of Training for the department.)
  • 2 Training Officers
  • 1 Range Master
  • 1 Civilian Office Manager


The Training Division is made up of two components:

The Abilene Police Academy

The Training Division is made up of two components. The Abilene Police Academy is the home of the basic law enforcement academy that serves to supply the Abilene Police Department with its officers. Most departmental in-service training is also conducted at the academy facilities. The academy also serves as the coordinating point for the Abilene Police Department Citizen Police Academy.

Police Firing Range

The second component of the Training Division is the Police Firing Range. The range serves as the training location for all police firearms certification and re-certification, and is used for other specialized firearms and weapons training. The Police Firing Range has an asphalt, 20-lane firing range for handguns and a 10-lane rifle range with target stands at 50 and 100 yards with an auxiliary pistol pad.

Obstacle Course

Also located on the grounds of the training complex is the Abilene Police Department's Obstacle Course. The course was designed and built by our Tactical Unit and is used in continuing training for members of our department as well as officers from around the area. 

In our continuing effort to maintain the excellent relationship between the Abilene Police Department and Dyess Air Force Base, the O-course is used by specialized units from Dyess for training. The course is extremely difficult and physically challenging; it is about 1.3 miles long and currently has 32 different obstacles.