Signs, Signals & Lighting

The Signs, Signals & Lighting division works to provide safe and efficient movement of people and goods on public streets. This division collects and analyzes data for the proper selection and application of traffic control devices like street signs, pavement markings, and signals.

Development Assistance

Signs, Signals & Lighting works with developers as they plan for traffic needs of new projects with in the city. Services include review of plats for compliance with street layout requirements, and review of site plans for compliance with parking and access requirements.

Transportation Planning

Traffic is an integral part of the City's transportation planning efforts, and provides traffic engineering expertise to the Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board.

Signals: Maintenance

Signal Maintenance operates and maintains the City's traffic control devices. These include 165 intersection control signals, 6 mid-block pedestrian signals, 26 school speed flashers, and 3 warning flashers.

Signs: Installation & Maintenance

Signs and Markings installs, maintains, and in some cases, makes the traffic control signs and street name signs on Abilene streets and on City facilities. There are as many as 15,000 traffic control signs and 9,000 street name signs throughout Abilene.

Pavement Markings: Installation & Maintenance

Signs and Markings installs and maintains pavement markings on City streets and at City facilities. These include centerlines, lane lines, crosswalks, parking stalls, curb markings, and more.

Hazard Abatement

Signs and Markings investigates and abates traffic hazards created by vegetation (tree limbs, bushes, weeds, etc.) blocking traffic control signs and signals, or creating blind corners for drivers.

Parking Enforcement

Signs, Signals & Lighting enforces time and other parking regulations in Downtown Abilene's Central Business District, which includes approximately 660 on-street parking spaces with time limits.

Street Lights

Signs, Signals & Lighting installs and maintains the 61 City owned street lights located on traffic signal poles. Most of Abilene's street lights (8,700+) are installed and maintained by the electric utility companies. For information on reporting a street light outage, see Street Light Repair.