Uniform Services - Under Assistant Chief Waggoner

The mission of the Uniform Services Unit is to provide quality, professional, and ethical service to the citizens of Abilene. 

Uniform Services is the most visible Unit to citizens. These men and women are seen driving in patrol vehicles, answering calls for service made by our public. The group works around the clock, every day of the week, and every day of the year.

Patrol is comprised of six companies, A - F companies. Uniform Services hosts eight Lieutenants and fifteen Sergeants. 

Uniformed Services also includes Community Response Teams 1 & 2 and the K-9 Unit.


The Patrol Division is the most visible of all divisions within the Department. Patrol comprises two-thirds of the Department's complement of sworn officers and serves as the first responders to almost all citizen calls for police service.

Mission statement - "The Patrol Division is dedicated to protecting the freedoms of our citizens through an effective, compassionate response to calls for service and through proactive problem serving."

Community Response Teams

CRT 1 & 2 are each comprised of a Police Officer, a Fire Medic, and a mental health professional. These teams are responsible for responding to our most vulnerable citizens. Help for those suffering from mental issues can get the assistance they need more timely, thanks to these teams.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit is comprised of four teams. They work the streets of Abilene in a supportive role when needed. The canines are trained in tracking and sniffing out various illegal substances. These teams assist Patrol officers while out patrolling the streets of our community.