SWAT Team Member ClimbingThe Tactical Team is made up of the (Special Weapons and Tactics) (SWAT) Team, Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT) Team, and Fire Medics. The team works together as one unit to handle high-risk enforcement situations such as hostage situations, suicidal subjects and high-risk search warrants. The goal of the team is always the protection of life.


The SWAT team is a part-time unit comprised of officers from various divisions and sections of the department. SWAT members are on call 24/7 and maintain the highest level of physical fitness. The team trains every week on a variety of situations which include physical shooting scenarios, dynamic entries, building clearings, and tactical weapons education. The SWAT Team provides security for visiting dignitaries.

Hostage Negotiations Team

The HNT is a part-time unit made up of six Officers. The officers come from various divisions and sections of the department. They perform HNT activities in addition to the regular duties of their respective assignments. 

Each member is a volunteer and receives specialized training to be qualified as a negotiator. HNT members receive 40 hours of negotiation-specific training yearly as well as all other training required as a peace officer. HNT responds with SWAT when called for barricaded subjects as well as any situation which may involve hostages.

Fire Medics

The Fire Medics train weekly with the SWAT Team and respond to all SWAT calls. The Medics are full-time firefighters and are paramedic trained. They are there to provide immediate lifesaving treatment for injured SWAT members or citizens.