Passenger Rules & Policies

Prohibited items for the CityLinks bus

Passenger Policies

CityLink passengers must adhere to these policies if they wish to ride.

  • No Smoking
  • No Open Food or Drink
  • No Uncaged Non-Service Animals
  • No Drugs or Alcohol
  • No Offensive or Disruptive Language
  • No Music
  • No Combustible Items

Passenger Conduct

  • All trash should be discarded in the trash can near the door
  • Allow others to exit before boarding
  • Audio devices may be used only with earphones
  • Damaging, defacing, marking, cutting, scratching, or drawing on any fixture on the bus is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted and are subject to fines and/or imprisonment
  • Do not talk to or distract the operator while the bus is in motion
  • Drinking of alcoholic beverages on the bus is prohibited
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed on CityLink buses. Food and beverages may be transported only if in a sealed container. Drinks must have a screw on lid
  • Failure to pay correct fare will result in ejection from the bus
  • Passengers may not place advertisements or religious/political material inside or outside the bus, nor can they solicit for money or the sale of goods on the bus
  • Profanity, vulgar language, and disorderly conduct are not allowed
  • Service animals may accompany passengers with disabilities. No other animals can be transported unless confined in a secured pet container
  • Shoes and shirts are required at all times
  • Smoking on CityLink buses is prohibited including E-Cigarettes
  • When entering the bus, deposit the exact fare directly into the farebox. Operators are not allowed to handle fares and will not make change. Failure to pay correct fare will result in ejection from the bus