The Patrol Officer

When an Abilene Police Cadet successfully completes the training academy, he or she is now ready to begin the 14-week Field Training Officer Program. The Police Officer's job is not only one of importance in the community but is one of sensitivity and action. 

Highly Trained Personnel

The complex problems of today's society have made it necessary to have highly trained personnel to meet the needs and demands placed upon law enforcement services. The Police Officer must be:

  • An arbitrator
  • A counselor
  • An enforcer of the law
  • A friend
  • A mediator
  • An orator
  • A parent
  • A social worker
  • A teacher

Field Training Officer Program

The Field Training Officer Program is the final step toward assessing the probationary officer's ability to perform the job. The task is not an easy one, and many cannot meet such a demanding responsibility. The Abilene Police Department works on the principles of Total Quality Management and is looking for individuals who can think on their feet and are willing to face a problem and make decisions. 

Officers are expected to use their abilities along with the training afforded to them through the Academy to take charge of critical situations and be problem-solvers. For whatever reason a person decides to pin on the badge, one must be a dedicated, conscientious, concerned citizen who wants to serve the community through a career in law enforcement.

About the Patrol Officer

The Patrol Officer is the first line Officer, the backbone of the entire department. The community's image of a Police Officer is often formed through the actions of the Patrol Officer. Usually, the first to arrive at the scene, the patrol officer must be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to respond to any situation. The safety and welfare of thousands of people who reside in Abilene are often in the hands of patrol officers. All of the special skills and knowledge obtained during the training academy are implemented in the prevention and suppression of crime in the community.

Many Opportunities

Men and women of integrity, initiative, and talent have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally with the Abilene Police Department. All new officers begin their career in the Patrol Division. However, there are opportunities for specialized work in:

  • Community services
  • Criminal investigation
  • Traffic
  • Vice and narcotics
  • Youth

Whatever the position filled, an officer should find a great deal of personal satisfaction through the services provided to the citizens of Abilene.