Fee Reduction for Low-Moderate Income

Fee Reduction

Those persons who make 50% or less of the Median Family Income (MFI) as defined by the City of Abilene Office of Neighborhood Services are eligible to pay the reduced Low-Moderate Income ("LM1") rate as provided in the Street Maintenance Fee Schedule. The city manager, or his or her designee, shall administer this application process, and such applications shall be on file with the city secretary.

View the Street Use Fee Verification Application (PDF).

Low-Moderate Income Qualifications

Income Guidelines Abilene MFI June 1, 2019Gross Annual Income 0 to 50%
1 Person Household$22,700
2 Person Household $25,950
3 Person Household $29,200
4 Person Household $32,400
5 Person Household $35,000
6 Person Household $37,600
7 Person Household $40,200
8 Person Household $42,800