Street Maintenance Fee Schedule

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial

The street maintenance fee for residential property shall be charged monthly to a utility customer within the city limits, or to the person or entity responsible for the Municipal Account Statement for such lot, unit, tract, or parcel used for a residential purpose. Residential property is defined on the Street Maintenance Fee Schedule as Rate Codes single-family residence (R1), multifamily (MF), and low-moderate income (LM1).

The calculation of the street maintenance fee for residential property is determined by multiplying the per month fee for the Rate Code by the multiplier identified in the Street Maintenance Fee Schedule, and further defined as follows: R1, and LM1 units are charged per non-irrigation meter, MF units are charged per dwelling unit.

  • Month multiplied by Rate Code equals the Fee


  • A single family residence (Rate Code R1) with one non-irrigation meter is charged $8.75 per month ($8.75 X 1 = $8.75).
  • A multi-family residential property (Rate Code MF) with 100 dwelling units is charged $800 per month ($8 X 100 = $800).

Residential Fee Schedule

Rate CodeRateMultiplier
R1$8.75Per Non-Irrigation Meter
MF$8.00Per Dwelling Unit
LM1$1.75Per Non-Irritation Meter