Home Drain 101

Diagram for responsibility of property owner for sewer and water

It's easy to take for granted that when you turn on the tap or dishwasher, an unlimited supply of clean water will flow, and down the drain it will disappear. What's out of sight in the pipes is out of mind - until there's a problem somewhere down the line.

Connected System

All drains within city limits connect to Abilene's sewer system. When drains and pipes get clogged and the wastewater backs up, not only do you have a mess on your hands, repairs can be difficult and costly. Many victims of a drainwreck are surprised to find it is their responsibility. Specifically from the Water Meter outside to the interior and from the Main Sewer line to the home's connection. 

Any break that happens to this line is the responsibility of the homeowner, not the City of Abilene or your home insurance company. You may not be the only one who suffers the consequences - your neighbors can experience backups and unpleasant smells as well.


Thankfully, it's also easy for homeowners and tenants to learn simple, everyday habits that will keep their drains - and the pipes below - clean and clear.

  • Never Pour Grease Down the Drain: Pour it into a can or directly into the trash.
  • Don't Put Greasy Dishes in the Dishwasher: Wipe greasy dishes with a paper towel beforehand.
  • Don't Put Fatty Foods into Your Garbage Disposal: Instead, put it into the trash. Besides, it will smell bad anyways.
  • Refrain from Putting Disposable Wipes in the Toilet: They do not disintegrate.